BEST List Of EVERYTHING To Buy BEFORE Going to Walt Disney World Parks!

BEST List Of EVERYTHING To Buy BEFORE Going to Walt Disney World Parks!

I am an Amazon Influencer and this post contains links to an affiliate site. I receive a small compensation, at no cost to you, for clicks and purchases through these links! These links help support all of the amazingness that you see here on my blog, and sometimes even fund Friday pizza nights!

Planning a trip to the most magical place on Earth?!

While there are some things that are totally worth spending on inside of the parks, there are others you can and SHOULD buy beforehand!

SAVE TONS with this list of Things to Buy BEFORE Going to the Parks!!

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  • Ponchos/Umbrella: It’s better to have them and spend a few bucks now than to be stuck in the park without them and have to drop a pretty penny on some rain gear! Granted, these aren’t a necessity BUT, when you’re standing in a line that has zero covering and you don’t want to give up your place, you’ll be super thankful you have ponchos on-hand, shoved inside of your bag!Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.35.59 AM
  • Autograph Books & Pens: We’ve used this as a way to surprise the kids with our trips several times! Get them early to save on having to buy right when you enter the park!Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.34.44 AM
  • Themed Cups: Those damn plastic cups can cost a fortune! Grab some super awesome themed cups now so that you don’t have to pay double the price later! BONUS* Did you know Disney gives FREE water?! Not in a bottle but, you can fill your own cup or bottle with a free water any time, any where!
    Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.43.56 AM
  • Plush Toys: Buying your plush toys now versus inside the parks or anywhere on Disney property can save you a small FORTUNE! Buy your iconic plush toys before your trip and surprise the littles with them as you’re going in to the park or once you arrive for your stay! They’ll be just as excited and won’t know the difference!
  • Misting Fan: These things are basically a MUST any time of the yer here in Florida. Especially when you’re standing in the beating sun in lines for rides. Don’t spend $30 on a misting fan in the park! They sell ones on Amazon that are equally as awesome for less than half the price!Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.35.12 AM
  • Hats & Ears: I have a handful of awesome Disney hats that I love! ALL of which weren’t even purchased on Disney property! I have two of the same hat in different colors, and a Minnie hat with ears for the price of ONE hat inside the parks! Shop Amazon, Target, and Etsy for ears!Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.34.34 AM
  • Sun Protection: This is probably on all of my Disney packing lists because it’s extremely important! It’s obvious as to why it’s on all of my lists but, it’s here because buying it beforehand (including a couple of extra bottles) will save you more than you think! Sunscreen on Disney property basically sells for the cost of an organ on the black market! Don’t make the mistake of forgetting or not packing enough for your entire trip!
  • Nifty Gadgets: Things like stroller hooks, clip-on fans, cup holders for strollers, wet bags, and other nifty gadgets should always be purchased before you head out for your trip! Being stuck in a rut and having to find the nearest Buy Buy Baby will not only be frustrating but, it will also end up costing you in the long run!Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.36.14 AM
  • Bubbles & Glow Sticks: When the park goes dark and the sidewalk carts come out, you’ll be thankful you have a pack of glow sticks with you! $15-25 per light up toy and glow necklace really adds up!
  • Disney Wearables: Disney tees, Princess dresses, Costumes, and other Disney wearable are EASY to find at places like Amazon, Target, JCPenney, and even the Disney Outlet stores! Snag some before your trip!
  • Small Souvenirs: Small things like keychains, decals, figurines, and other smaller souvenirs can also be purchased online for you to store in your suitcase and give to the kids on your way out to the parks!
  • Trading Pins: You can find trading pins in bulk on Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace for low cost! Snag some to fill your trading collection before you go!
  • Lanyard: Although the lanyards you find in stores or online may not come with a starter pack of trading pins, you can snag one for cheap and focus on just pins in the park if you choose not to buy them beforehand!

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Disney Gift Card Header

Amazon Fall Fashion Finds! | ALL UNDER $50!!

Amazon Fall Fashion Finds! | ALL UNDER $50!!

I am an Amazon Influencer and this post contains links to an affiliate site. I receive a small compensation, at no cost to you, for clicks and purchases through these links! These links help support all of the amazingness that you see here on my blog, and sometimes even fund Friday pizza nights!

Amazon Fall Fashion.png

Don’t let the fear of an expensive wardrobe update keep you from looking like the trendy hot mamas you see all over your Pinterest feed!

YOU ARE that hot mama!

So, feel like it! Snag some of my favorite Fall finds for UNDER $20 and $50 right HERE on Amazon!

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Amazon Fall Fashion

10+ Cheap or FREE Things To Do At Disney Boardwalk With Kids! | + FREE PRINTABLE CHECK LIST!!

10+ Cheap or FREE Things To Do At Disney Boardwalk With Kids! | + FREE PRINTABLE CHECK LIST!!
disney boardwalk pin 1.png


Looking for Cheap or Completely FREE things to do during your down days at Disney? Ready to stop battling it out with the crowds in the parks like the Hunger Games? If you answered, “Yes” to either of these questions, then you’re in the right place!

Disney’s Boardwalk is THE hidden gem of the Walt Disney World property and will have you rejuvenated for your next day at the parks in no time! Parking is free and easily accessible, there are minimal crowds, the dining is delicious, and you’ll find plenty of magical Disney fun!

Don’t miss this list of Cheap, FREE, & totally awesome things to do at Disney’s Boardwalk with kids!

Surrey Bike Ride: Get a bit of exercise while letting the littles enjoy the sights on one of the Surrey Bikes at the Boardwalk! For only $25, you’ll be able to take a 4 seater bike around the boardwalk for the entire family!

Street Acts: Once the evening rolls around, you’ll see comedians, jugglers, magicians, and other fun acts on the boardwalk for FREE!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0819

Watch the Fireworks: If you hang around late enough, you’ll even be able to see the firework show from Epcot!

Arcade and Midway Games: Feeling lucky?! Head over to the Arcade at the Boardwalk Inn for some virtual fun or try your luck at some of the Midway games on the Boardwalk!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0841.jpg

Order the Biggest Ice Cream Sundae of Your Life: Head to the Disney Beach Club Resort and stop in at Beaches & Cream! There, you’ll find the Kitchen Sink Sundae big enough to serve 4 (or 5 in our case)! This is one for the books so, make sure to have your camera out and ready once it hits the table!

kitchen sink.jpg

Check Out an Awesome Shipwreck: Also at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a totally rad pool designed to replicate an old shipwreck! Only resort guests of DBC or Disney’s Yacht Club Resort can lounge in this pool and use it’s slides but, there’s nothing that states you can’t sit and stare at it’s awesomeness!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0759Dinsey Boardwalk-0762

Dig Your Toes in the Sand: The “beach” at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is easily one of the most relaxing places you’ll find on Disney Property! Swimming is not allowed but, the sand is free and fun for kids of all ages!

JE .jpg

Dinsey Boardwalk-0766

Take a ride on a Friendship Boat: The Friendship Boats are completely FREE and take visitors to Epcot and Hollywood Studios but, if you’re just looking for a nice & quiet, breezy boat ride, hop on and enjoy the scenery on this FREE relaxing ride!

Jump in a photo booth for a super cute and cheap souvenir: You should never turn down the chance for a fun family photo so, jump in one of the photo booths on the Boardwalk and keep your photo strip as a souvenir from your trip!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0734

Have a picnic under the gazebo: When doing anything on Disney property, we always make sure to carry snacks or packed lunches! Disney’s Boardwalk has a beautiful gazebo that is more often than not, a ghost town! Pack a bag and have a picnic as you people watch and feel the lakeside breeze!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0749Dinsey Boardwalk-0752

Dance to the tunes in front of Atlantic Dance Hall: You’re sure to hear awesome tunes as you come over the bridge near the Swan and Dolphin Resorts. Don’t lose this moment to have your own private dance party!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0790

Pose for a Beautiful Family Photo: Like I said, you should never pass up the opportunity to take a good family photo! Grab a passerby and ask if they’ll lend a hand in taking a family photo of you while you’re not in a crowded place and the kids are detoxing their brains from all the commotion inside the parks! You won’t regret this one!

Peak inside the Lighthouse: The boys love lighthouses, big or small it doesn’t make a difference so, one of their favorite things at the Boardwalk is the beautiful little lighthouse at the end of the pier! Take a stroll to the end and see it’s majestic beauty!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0774

Well guys, that’s all I’ve got for you! Our family loves Disney’s Boardwalk and at times, find it’s simplicity and relaxing atmosphere a total necessity during our stay! So, if you’re looking for a way to detox the park craziness out of your trip, mark off a few of the things on this list and don’t forget: if you’re a sports fan, you can always take a peak inside the ESPN Club and check on the scores of your favorite team in the latest game!

Disney Boardwalk Checklist header.png

Disney Boardwalk Checklst.png

Print  from your desktop or save the image above on your mobile device to check off this list and add more fun to your Disney’s Boardwalk visit!

Disney Boardwalk Pin 3.png



5 REASONS to Visit Cape Canaveral National Seashore | + Daddy & Me Matching Swim

5 REASONS to Visit Cape Canaveral National Seashore | + Daddy & Me Matching Swim

cape canaveral seashore pin 1

Are you a Florida Native or someone who visits the Sunshine State for it’s amazing beaches and breathtaking ocean views?! Yes? Yes! I have the BEST kept secret beach for families that will spoil you with the greatest, stress-free beach day ever!

RandSon (34 of 34)RandSon (32 of 34)RandSon (29 of 34)

As much as I think I’ll hate myself for sharing this sweet spot, I know too well that sharing is caring and every family deserves a beach day as awesome as the ones we have!

For the last few years, we’ve been taking the boys to Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Let me tell you, even on it’s busiest holiday weekends this beach spot is filled more with sand and sun than people. We used to steer clear of the beach during holiday weekends or peak season but, no more! It doesn’t matter the time of day, we can always find parking and a private space on the beach without catching shade from the neighbor’s umbrella!

RandSon (28 of 34)RandSon (27 of 34)

BUT, there are far more reasons to visit Canaveral National Seashore! Read on for 5 reasons you should make the trip with your family!

RandSon (26 of 34)RandSon (25 of 34)

5 Reasons to Visit Canaveral National Seashore:

  1. Several Parking Areas: Even on it’s busiest days, we can always find parking in one of the parking lots! Just don’t go all the way to the very last parking area! You may catch a glimpse of a few nudies!
  2. Clean Showers & Bathrooms: This is a HUGE plus for us! When we’re all wrapped up for the day and ready to head home, nothing makes this easier than clean and accessible bathrooms and showers! We have a routine down when it comes to this part of the day all thanks to the showers and potties! Dad helps shower the boys while I rinse their swim suits and get them changed back into dry clothes!
  3. ZERO Beach Drivers: Thats right! There is ZERO driving on this area of the beach which makes a beach day with the boys stress-free, ten times more fun, and gives the boys more freedom to play as they wish! (Which we all know, in parent’s terms basically means a longer sleep afterwards! haha)
  4. Quiet & Low Populated: There are never more than a couple handfuls of families or couples on the beach here at the Seashore and because of that, this is one of our most favorite places to visit! We don’t spend all of our time worrying about losing an eye on the boys because there aren’t hundreds of people crowding the beach and we always have more of a private area on the beach under our umbrella! Not to mention, we can spread out so much more on the beach with our play toys, towels, wagon, and beach necessities!
  5. Brand New Boardwalks: After last year’s hurricane season, some of the boardwalks had damage that needed replacing! We love walking the brand new boardwalks down to the beach area and don’t ever have to worry about whether or not the boys have shoes or will get a splinter from running their hands along the rails!


Of course, all of the boys turned heads during our last trip to Canaveral National Seashore in their matching swim from Robert & Son! How freaking cute are they, right?!

You guys know what a sucker I am for matching swim wear or anything I can put the boys in that makes them look more like triplets than brothers with 2 years in between them! The fact that even dad can get in on the matching action literally just yanks at my heart strings every time we leave the house in them!

Look at all the beach action they had in these suits on our day at the Seashore!

RandSon (24 of 34)RandSon (22 of 34)RandSon (20 of 34)RandSon (19 of 34)RandSon (18 of 34)RandSon (17 of 34)RandSon (15 of 34)RandSon (14 of 34)RandSon (13 of 34)RandSon (12 of 34)RandSon (11 of 34)RandSon (10 of 34)RandSon (9 of 34)RandSon (8 of 34)RandSon (7 of 34)RandSon (6 of 34)RandSon (4 of 34)RandSon (3 of 34)RandSon (2 of 34)

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Disney GC Pin 1.png

I know how it is. You’re in the parks and all you smell is the delightful aroma of cotton candy and popcorn being misted into the air (yes, thats actually what’s going on here) and you cave. First expense: A $10 snack only minutes after you’ve walked through the gates. THEN, you convince your kids, “Okay, no more spending until we ride at least three rides. THAT’S what we’re here for after all!” EHHH, wrong. You exit almost every ride into a gift shop, and guess what? EACH gift shop sells entirely different, equally awesome stuff that your kid is guaranteed to be drooling over! To keep from a melt down, and because you’re equally as excited to be a kid again in this magical world, you cave for a second time.

Next, ohhhhh next, the smell of a turkey leg (which, by the way actually isn’t turkey?!) passes over you via a vendor cart less than ten feet away and has the shortest line you’ve seen all day so, what the hell?! Let’s get a turkey leg, 2 Mickey ice cream bars, and toss in one of those awesome souvenir popcorn bins too!

By the time you wrap up the day, you’ve stopped for two, maybe three meals, 6 water bottles, more snacks than you can count, 4 Mickey Bars, have a stroller with 3 (probably more like 6) of those beautiful blue Walt Disney World bags with the castle on it (you know the one), and a wallet drier than a 5 year drought. Where did all that money go?! (You know, the money you brought JUST IN CASE but, promised yourself you wouldn’t actually spend.) Come to think of it, where did all these receipts come from?! And where’s my credit card? Not this one, that other one. Where did I use it last? GAH, the ferry back to the monorail is so quiet right now but, I’m too exhausted to even look for that card and I’m sure it’s here somewhere…At least I hope it is.

Does that sound like you? Maybe even a little?

Here’s the thing: Can you imagine yourself not having to juggle wads of cash, several credit cards mixed in with your hotel room key, receipts, and everything else stacked in your wallet while juggling kids, lines, and melting ice cream bars?! I can! And I HAVE!

disney 4.jpg

Are you ready for it?!

My one and only tip to limiting unplanned spending in the park while foregoing the constant juggle of your bottomless wallet!

Drum roll…

The Disney Gift Card!

Disney GC.png

I know, right? SO SIMPLE yet, so incredibly life changing when it comes to spending in the parks!

Before your next Disney Vacation, head to Target (5% off with Red Card. YEP Even on Disney GC!)) or Shop Disney online and grab a gift card (increments of $25-500).

Your gift card can be used for almost everything on Disney owned property and will make your life SO MUCH EASIER when it comes to juggling the many ways you can empty your bank account AND will help eliminate the extra unplanned spending in the parks!

Want to know how we use our gift card to it’s full potential?

  1. Set a spending limit for each child. Sometimes, rather than purchasing one single gift card and keeping track of the total as we spend, I’ll get a gift card for each boy and write each boys’ name on their cards in permanent marker! It makes things easier if we’ve split up or when one kid wants something at one store and the other spends somewhere else!
  2. Utilize the Disney Dining plan! UH-MAY-ZING! I know this is totally separate from a Disney Gift Card BUT, with the Disney Dining plan you don’t need to spend inside the park on snacks, drinks, and meals! One less reason to pull out your credit card or swipe a gift card!
  3. Pre-plan cash purchases, if any. Street vendors who sell light-up toys, balloons, and some food vendors/carts only take cash. If you’re utilizing the Disney Dining Plan, snacks shouldn’t be a worry here (including Mickey Bars, Pretzels, Dole Whip, and more!) but, if you think a light up toy or Mickey balloon is a must, plan for that expense prior to entering the park and keep that cash in a separate, designanted envelope! (Light up toys average between $12-25 & Balloons are $10-15)
  4. Make it your only option. Don’t bring any other form of spending into the park except one EMERGENCY card, and your small amount of pre-planned, designated cash.
  5. Securely separate your gift cards from other necessary items. Keep from juggling too many items in your wallet by putting your hotel room key, ID, and other necessary items in a separate but, equally accessible wallet or baggy! I like to keep our room keys, designated cash envelope, paperwork for tickets, etc. in the internal zipper pouch of our backpack and, would be lying if I didn’t admit that I own and use a fanny pack to easily access our gift cards!

That’s it! My single, incredibly simple yet, totally useful tip for less juggling and even less spending in the parks!


Let me know below if you use this little tip during your next Disney vacation!

Disney GC Pin 2.png


5 Things To Know Before Jedi Training at Walt Disney World

5 Things To Know Before Jedi Training at Walt Disney World

Being a mama of boys with Star Wars making a huge come back via Disney, Jedi Training was a must do on our list for Hollywood Studios during our recent visit!

Because all of the Star Wars attractions are so popular at the park, there are a few things you need to know when planning your day if your visit includes the uber epic Jedi Training.

  1. RESERVE. Make sure to reserve your spot ASAP! When entering the park, head towards the Indiana Jones Adventurers Outpost-most people arrive 45 minutes before the Hollywood Studios opens to get their spot. *We got lucky and stumbled upon an executive cast member when asking where to find Jedi Training sign up (around 11am) who radioed in our rsvp for us!
  2. AGE REQUIREMENT. This interactive show is only available for children ages 4-12. If your child is not comfortable leaving your side to be on a…

View original post 293 more words

Mama, Say Goodbye to Swim Suit Anxiety! LIME RICKI: Full Coverage without Losing Style!

Mama, Say Goodbye to Swim Suit Anxiety! LIME RICKI:  Full Coverage without Losing Style!

Okay, Okay. It may not seem like it because in this suit you just can’t see them (which is totally the point) but, I am scarred from here to the moon with stretch marks. I’ve searched for yearsssss to find swim wear that covers my number one swim suit insecurity and finally with Lime Ricki I have found everything I need in tummy coverage without losing style!

Lime Ricki Swim Wear-0407-2Lime Ricki Swim Wear-0408-2Lime Ricki Swim Wear-0412-2

It is such a struggle to go to the beach with the boys or hit the pool while we’re on a trip without feeling like I need Linc’s little body covering me while I carry him or have to wrap myself in a towel because I just cant handle the stares. I swear people look at my stomach like I was attacked by a black bear or something.

Lime Ricki Swim Wear-0413-2Lime Ricki Swim Wear-0416-2Dinsey Boardwalk-0728

This suit has given me all of my swim suit confidence back! So much so that i wore it all the way up and down the boardwalk without even a shed of doubt!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0730Dinsey Boardwalk-0733Dinsey Boardwalk-0734

So, to say that Lime Ricki killed it with their Candy Striped Bottoms and Olive Scoop Neck Peplum Top for this mama, would be an understatement!

Want to shed your Swim Suit anxiety?!

Get 15% off of your first order for getting on their email list!

Dinsey Boardwalk-0735Dinsey Boardwalk-0737

Dinsey Boardwalk-0738

LR Pin.png

Make Chores FUN and NOT A BUMMER with Creative QT! | + WIN A STUFF N’ SIT!!!

Make Chores FUN and NOT A BUMMER with Creative QT! | + WIN A STUFF N’ SIT!!!

creative QT Pin.png

Do you have trouble getting your kids to help around the house or do their chores?


Okay, good. Then we can be friends! I swear when it comes to clean up, my kids have poop radar or some life altering event occurs that forces them to do anything but pick up after themselves.

Creative QT (1 of 20)

When I found Creative QT’s Chore Sticks and Stuff N’ Sit, I knew I was about to have my own life altering event: delivery of the greatest chore-game changer right to my front door.

The Chore Sticks are wooden popsicle sticks burned with text of every single chore imaginable. I told you, game changer. The boys of course make a competition of everything so, they opt for a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who picks their chore stick first.

Creative QT (2 of 20)Creative QT (3 of 20)Creative QT (4 of 20)Creative QT (5 of 20)Creative QT (6 of 20)

Mixed in with the Chore Sticks are super fun activities for the kids to continue play as they mark off chores on their list!

See this right here > This is K “pretending to be his favorite animal

Creative QT (7 of 20)Creative QT (8 of 20)Creative QT (9 of 20)Creative QT (10 of 20)Creative QT (11 of 20)

Col pulled a “Clean up toys” stick but, K can’t resist a good STUFF to his Stuff N’ Sit!

This thing is the ultimate “bean bag”! Except there are literally NO BEANS that rattle when you move it, NO FLUFF that falls out all over your home, JUST an empty sack. That’s right. An empty sack that your kids fill with all of their stuffed animals! HOW AMAZING, right?!

Creative QT (13 of 20)Creative QT (14 of 20)Creative QT (15 of 20)Creative QT (16 of 20)

To clean up, have your kids fill their Stuff N’ Sit with their stuffed pals, zip, and go! It’s made of a super durable canvas and has a handle for moving from room to room!

Creative QT (17 of 20)Creative QT (19 of 20)

I know what you’re thinking, WHERE do i get one of these parenting hack combos?! Well, you can head HERE and get 40% OFF or, enter below to win one!!


Also, let’s not forget that Christmas is only 129 days away (but, who’s counting?). Gift the mama in your life one of these game changers, she will love you FOR-EVVVV-ERRRR.

click to enter.png

creative QT Pin

10 Things To Do Before Disney On Ice: MICKEY’S SEARCH PARTY! + WIN A FAMILY 4 PACK!!!

10 Things To Do Before Disney On Ice: MICKEY’S SEARCH PARTY! + WIN A FAMILY 4 PACK!!!

I am a Feld Entertainment Blogger Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and other exclusive opportunities.

This post contains affiliate links which help me fund the free + fun posts on! Find a full disclosure on the sidebar of my blog.

Get your littles ready for a ROCKIN’ time at Disney on Ice: Mickey’s Search Party with these UPDATED 10 tips!



Tip #1. Purchase + pick up your tickets in advance. (Make sure to use a discount code on tickets! )

Go the week of and hit up the box office at your show’s arena to save time and skip lines by picking up your tickets in advance! Save 20% off select seats with code SAVE20. Not valid on premium VIP seating. Hurry for the best available seats! Code expires September 6, 2018.

Tip #2. SEARCH LIKE MICKEY and Scout parking areas.

While you’re picking up your tickets in advance, ask the box office attendant or scout out the best parking areas for the night of your show! Make sure to arrive early the night of, to snag a close spot!

Tip #3. Eat beforehand.

No-one likes to spend outrageous prices on snacks from concession so, take the family out for a nice meal before you head to the arena to keep from rumbling bellies and empty wallet syndrome! Of course, bring a little cash or budget a small amount of spending for a small shared snack or fun themed-drink during the show!

Tip #4. Be prepared with your children’s necessities.

Does your little have sensitive hearing? Pack headphones.

The show falls 30 minutes after bedtime? Put a lovie or small blanket in your bag.

Pack for your family’s needs and anticipate worst case scenarios! (Diaper blow outs, thirsty babes, etc.)


Tip #5. Dress for the event.

TONS of kids dress up for the big show! To make sure your little fits right in, make sure to dress them in their favorite Disney tee or costume!


Girls Costumes




Boys Costumes






Tip #6. Locate bathrooms on your seat level.

Make sure to locate the nearest bathroom to your seat and make a stop there before finding your spot for the show!

Tip #7. Set behavior expectations.

Let your kids know prior to walking into the arena what is expected of them. (i.e. no kicking chairs, keep hands to yourself, staying in their seat unless they’re on mom or dad’s lap, try use the bathroom before + after the show and during intermission, spending limit on souvenirs, etc.)

Tip #8. Make a plan for souvenirs.

If you plan on letting your littles choose a souvenir before or after the show, prepare them with a spending limit or budget. The prices can get out of hand at times and you don’t want to be walking back to the car after your show with $150 in light up wands and cotton candy.

Tip #9. Pack binoculars.

No matter how near or far your seat is, binoculars always add an extra touch of fun to your experience! Grab a pair of these super cute kid-friendly ones for each little to save yourself a mid-show battle!

Tip #10. Pack light + prepare for a security check.

Your show is only a couple hours long so, make sure to only pack the necessities and be prepared for a security check when you arrive!


Want to win tickets to the Orlando show?!

enter to win doi.png

click to enter doi.png


DOI Pin.png


THE COOLEST Backpacks For Girls!

THE COOLEST Backpacks For Girls!

*This post contains affiliate links. Buy purchasing from these links, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This commission helps fund the amazing things on my blog and sometimes, Friday night pizza nights!

Summer is coming to an end and we’re gearing up for Back to School!

Send your little hunk with a totally rockin’ backpack that will keep him excited all year!

Girls Bacpacks Pin.png





HOT PINK Canvas | Found My Flock | BIXBEE Glitter Butterfly

3-D Mermaid |  STEPHEN JOSEPH Unicorn


girls backpacks 2

MOMMORE Basics |Mini Bee | KUTE N’ KOO Match My Mom Stripes

Dino Days | SKIP HOP 3-D Unicorn

girls top pick.png

SKIP HOP Glitzy Gold Cow

Let us know your little’s favorite style in the comments!

Girls Bacpacks Pin