Lilly Pulitzer APS Haul

Hey Guys! I’m doing a written haul review on everything I purchased during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

First, I just want to disclose that I did not get everything from during the sale. I was able to scoop up a few things for amazing prices online, BUT the best deals I found were at my local Dillard’s, and a few instagrammers as well!

Okay, So the two items I managed to swipe online before flying out of my cart are below. I have to mention that the one thing I absolutely LOVE about shopping Lilly during the online sale is that there is FREE shipping! Who DOESN’T love free shipping?!

White Crystal Cove Janice Shift Dress, Retail $198    Sale price $59!


Limeade Roar of the Jungle Popover Retail $128   Sale price $59


I am absolutely swooning over these two pieces! Unfortunately, I had a little boo boo with my package when it came so, I am currently waiting on my Janice replacement to come in, but otherwise, super satisfied with the way my first purchase from the online Lilly sale went!

Now, for the fun part! I visit my local Dillard’s probably as often as two or three times a week if I can find the time, sad I know, but so worth it when you find the deals I come across! Luckily for me I am a little too friendly with my Dillards’ Lilly Pulitzer associates, and was able to purchase a couple things before the sale, and return them, only then to repurchase them during the sale! (I know this seems like a ton of work, but to insure that I came home with small sizes, I had to buy them before they were super discounted!) Now, if you don’t know, Dillard’s offers their additional 30% off to card holders, one day earlier than the general public. Unfortunately for me, but luckily for my husbands wallet, I have made him a promise that I will NEVER (well, maybe not never… 😉 ) get a Dillard’s card. So, by purchasing my Lilly items BEFORE the additional 30% off sale, I was able to get almost everything I wanted, keep the tags on it and the receipt, and then return and repurchase a few days later to get the items for the additional sale price! Voila! BONUS* with the extra money I saved I was able to almost double my purchase and came home with even more goodies! Shh…this is our little secret 😉

Drum Roll please….

I’ll start with my fav.: This is so simple and basic, but of everything I purchased during the sale, this is probably my favorite!

Karrie Tee in Nice Tail- Retail: $48      Sale: $22! Yes, $22!!


Chrissy Beach Shorts in Lobstah Roll && Oh Cabana Boy: Retail $58    Sale: $28

cabana boy lobstah

Callahan Short in Spa Blue Let’s Cha Cha: Retail: $64     Sale: $31


Popover in Spa Blue Let’s Cha Cha: Retail: $128     Sale: $44

cha cha

Courtney Beaded Tunic in Jellies Be Jammin’ && Get Crackin’: Retail $158     Sale: $55 YES, $55!

jellies get crackin

Delia Shift in Multi State Patch: Retail: $178    Sale: $62


Walsh Printed Short in Multi Osterville Patch: Retail: $58    Sale: $28


I also scored a couple pretty awesome items from and @lovelillyandcupcakes on instagram!

This gorgeous Tate skirt in Watch Out, FLEW out of my cart during the online sale and it was one of three items that I desperately wanted! Thankfully, I came across it for only a few dollars over the price that it was listed for during the online sale! Caroline from @lovelillyandcupcakes on Instagram, was super awesome and sent it out to me the day I ordered it and it arrived within 3 days! I was not only super excited about the skirt, but she also sent me a FREE Lilly Pulitzer necklace!

Tate Skirt in Watch Out: Retail: $98   Sale:$56 Shipped


I also couldn’t resist this adorable notepad set from

Notepad Set in Pink May Flower: Retail: $25    Sale: $7


Lastly, I actually didn’t find this anywhere special, womp womp, 🙂 BUT i managed to still get it for a steal NWT on eBay! I have been dying for ANYTHING in Spike the Punch, and was super excited that I found a Murfee!

Murfee Scarf in Spike the Punch: Retail: $118    Sale: $45 FREE Shipping

lilly pulitzer murfee scarf in spike the punch

Thanks for checking out my haul! Post below what you got during the sale and be sure to list any great places that you find fabulous deals for Lilly or other trendy items!

kisses THH

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