DIY Fall Coasters & Garden Flag

It’s finally that time of year again, you know, EVERYONE’s favorite time of year: Fall! Which means that all of our Pinterest boards are being tripled with a ton of decorating ideas we drool over, and a billion DIY’s we wish we had time and money for. I found two that took me less than 30 minutes each, and were each less than $10. You could seriously do both of them while your kids are napping, or in between classes!

fall diy

The first project, that I totally LOVE and can be done for any season, is a set of Fall coasters. I love anything that I can clutter my coffee table with, and these turned out perfect!


2 Sheets of 12X12 scrapbook paper

Mod Podge

Paintbrush, Foam Brush, or Roller (I prefer a wallpaper roller)

4 Tile Coasters (I found mine at Hobby Lobby as a set of 4 Chalkboard coasters)

Scissors or a craft knife

fall 2 fall 3 fall 4

First, measure one sheet of your paper to fit your coasters. I wanted a double layer for mine, with two different patterns. Once you measure and cut your first sheet of paper, cut your second sheet into four smaller squares that the first. This will allow your guests to see the bottom pattern once the paper squares are stacked and glued!

fall 5 fall 6

Next, roll a layer of Mod Podge over your tile and place a large paper square onto the wet tile.

fall 8 fall 9fall 10

Once you lay your first square onto the tile, roll another layer of Mod Podge over your tile and lay your smaller square in the center of the tile.

fall 11 fall 12

Lastly, roll another layer of Mod Podge onto your tile. Wait for this coat to dry and apply a second coat, then let dry. Repeat steps for the last 3 tiles!

fall 13 fall 15

Voila! 4 Amazingly gorgeous Fall Coasters that are Pier 1 worthy, but on a not so Pier 1 budget!

fall 16

For my second project, I spent about 20 minutes  and $5! I am obsessed with garden flags, so I couldn’t resist doing a monogram garden flag for Fall!


3/8 Yd. Burlap

Acrylic paint


Sewing Machine or Hot Glue Gun


First, when you buy your burlap off the bolt it’s folded over into way more fabric than you need! For this step, just cut the other side of your burlap piece right off! This will leave you with 2 rectangle pieces.

garden f 1 garden f 2

Once you have cut your burlap into two pieces, take one piece and fold one end over about 2 inches. It was easier for me to sew the fold, but you can also hot glue it as well! This will be the top loop to slide over your garden flag pole.

garden f 3 garden flag 3

Next, fold your flag hot dog style and cut a diagonal line from the bottom of the fold, up to about 4 or 5 inches from the bottom. This part will give your flag a cute shape instead of a plain rectangle!

gf 5 gf 6

For the final step, paint on your design! I chose to do brown polka dots, a green trim, and a white “W”. On

ce your done painting and let your flag dry, hangit out front for all to see, and brag to your friends that you saw this awesome DIY on!

garden flag 4

Thanks so much for checking out my first of many Fall Diy posts! If you do these projects for your home, please share photos with me on IG @thehappeninghousewife or on Facebook by clicking my link!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


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