7 Things Mothers of Boys Must Have

As I was mopping the floor in my laundry room today, I looked over at the back of the door and there it was: just black slosh slung up onto the back of the door, and who knows how long it had been there! My IMMEDIATE thought was, better grab that Magic Eraser! We all have them, we all LOVE them but, my husband keeps them STOCKED for me under our sink so I’d have to say we’re pretty much obsessed! Where was I? Yes, that disgusting door which led me to THIS post!

These are a few of the things I ALWAYS have on hand because I’m a mother of boys!



Since I already noted it up there ^ in my intro., I’ll go ahead and start with this one! How many things do boys bring into the house that scuff your floors, walls, or let’s face it, even your ceilings! From baseballs, to sneakers, and weird concoctions they build all on their own, my house is always full of funky marks and stains. The magic eraser has become an extended family member of ours that stays rent free in a nice and tidy place until BOOM, my eye catches crayon marks on the wall or sneaker scuffs on my floor! It is so easy to use and works on EVERYTHING! When used with goo gone, it gets sticker gunk off of anything, use it with a dab of warm soapy water for markers on a white table, or a smart squirt of Windex if you have chap-stick writing on your glass doors! ( I have suffered all three.)

Oxi Clean, Oxi Clean, Oxi Clean, & MORE Oxi Clean.

When I go to the store for this stuff, I leave with a HANDFUL, pretty much cleaning the shelves of it! The Oxi Clean Gel is my FAVORITE of the Oxi Clean Products! I recently tried the spray, and ended up liking it almost as much as the gel! Which is saying a lot because the checkout ladies at Target could tell you, the Gel is my main man! This stuff gets ALL of the stains out of my boys clothes and they come out of the washer gleaming like they’re brand new! It doesn’t matter what the stain is: spaghetti, dirt, orange baby food, clay stains, grass stains, EVERYTHING. It’s usually around $3.00 but, I promise you, it is SO worth the few bucks!

Buddies AKA BFF’s for Boys.

One of the best things a mom can offer her son, is guidance. Start your boys out young with a small group of buddies that you know come from great families and share common parenting beliefs with you! If you’re lucky, your son(s) will grow up with the same group of friends, playing ball together, sharing each others homework, dating the same girls, and graduating together; To one day have kids of their own to play together. I was so lucky to connect with a group of ladies that are married to men that my husband grew up with. They are all great families with good values and morals. The dads play ball together, work out together, and all come home happy, to their families. We’re so lucky that all of our kids are roughly the same age, will play for the same ball teams, and eventually, hopefully graduate the same schools together. Connect with moms in your area by making a group just for your town, on Facebook or other social networking sites! Just make sure to keep your group private and only invite people you know or that are referred by other group members!

Hand- Me-Downs

Kids go through clothes on the regular. My son was out of 24 months when he was 18 months! Some of the best advice I can give you is to take any hand-me-downs if they’re given! I’m not saying your kid has to wear used clothes every single day but, for playground days, trips to a painting studio, or pizza nights, throw on some gently used clothes that were handed down to you. It makes getting rid of tattered clothes so much easier when you know they’ve been worn by a few kids!  If you don’t have a hand-me-down donor, hit your local kids’ consignment shop! Sometimes consignment shops even have clearance items and you can grab tees for as low as $.50!

“Snip! Snip!” A Good Set of Clippers

I don’t know about you but, trying to get my almost 3 year old into a chair at a barber shop is near impossible. Up until a year ago we were using a pair of cheapy Wahl clippers that I thought were doing a pretty okay job. WRONG! #momfail Once hubby used them on himself he realized they were pulling and prying on his hair, can you imagine what that was like for a 2 year old?! TORTURE! So, I went out and bought a pair of nice quality clippers, in hot pink i might add, and they’ve done a fabulous job ever since! If you have the extra money, splurge a little and get the good ones! You’re son will thank you and so will your neighbors!

A Tolerance for “Personal Awareness”

Once my oldest hit 2, it was like he turned into this little man. He was always so proud of himself for any accomplishment, and turned into a master manipulator for anyone who had something he wanted! But, the one thing that puts me in disbelief above anything else, is his personal self awareness at such a young age, with his, mhmm, manhood. Anytime that diaper comes down for a change, or a bath, he has to make sure it’s still there. It’s like he’s afraid it ran away from the stench or something?! Changing my 6 month old this morning, I kid you not, the FIRST thing he did as I slipped his diaper off and reached right for his area, like it was by instinct! So moms of boys, laugh it off, and learn to tolerate it, because in a couple years your little man will be in the middle of the baseball field checking himself for the entire crowd to see!

A Big Heart

We all love our husbands, but sometimes they can just be a huge pain in the you know what. Anyone I know could tell you that my oldest is an exact replica of his daddy. From his walk, to his talk, all the way down to the smirks he makes when he knows he’s doing something wrong. As a mother of boys, that are both just like their daddy, I have to say the most important thing we must have, is a big heart. A heart to love them not just when they showcase the amazing traits of their father, but the bad and the ugly too! 🙂

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