Re-do You’re ENTIRE Fall Wardrobe for Under $50!

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch? How many people do I have to give my info to, or even worse, what kind of pyramid scheme is she going to tell me about? How about D., None of the Above!

All you have to do is follow my link and sign up for these two sites!



First, let me start with ThredUp!

ThredUp is an online consignment boutique that sells gently used and brand new clothing. They offer styles for boys, girls, and women, including shoes, scarves, hats, and handbags! I have scored so many things from this site that were BRAND NEW with tags! They have little indicators that tell you if the item is brand new or gently used, and you can even limit your search to only items that are new with tags! I have ordered Vineyard Vines for my little guy, Columbia PFG, Gap, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Coach, Jack Rogers, and Polo Ralph Lauren, most NEW with tags. They also buy gently used and new clothing from you as well! It’s super easy, you just order a bag through your account and they send you a pre-labeled, pre-paid gigantic bag to shove all your old stuff in!

vv boys

Okay, enough talk, let’s get down to business. Where’s the FREE stuff?!

Click this photo to follow this link


Sign up!

Congrats! You have now been given $10 to spend on ANYTHING you want on the site! Also, if you use your phone and download the app, you will be given a coupon code to use with your purchase! The only downside to Thredup vs. the next site I am going to tell you about, is that your credit can not be used towards shipping. My advice, get something at a lower cost, or two things for that matter, and pay a little for shipping, or you can pay $19.99 and get free shipping until the end of the year! Which, you might want to do once you read this next part.

You’ve chosen a couple things, checked out for almost FREE, and now what?! Go into your account, hit the referrals tab, and copy your special link! Paste your link into your Instgram bio, your Facebook page, Twitter, email it to your friends, text it, and ask everyone you know to sign up and use their FREE $10 credit for signing up! Once they spend they’re credit, you get another $10 for EACH member who uses the link you send them! Stack up those credits and go wild for your free stuff! *Remember, if you have friends or family who aren’t interested in using their credit, send them the link to something you have your eye on and if they’re nice enough, maybe they’ll use their credit on you! (*So, you still get your $10 kick back credit to your personal account!)

free total 1   VV dress     lillly jeans


That was the easy one!

Wait, wait, don’t run just yet, maybe I should re-phrase that: That was the quick one! This site just has a few more steps but, It is SO worth the extra little bit of time! Once you finish this post, You’ll have 7 pairs of J Brand, Joe’s, and Earnest Sewn jeans hanging in your closet ready to pair with 4 new tops from Zara and a handbag for FREE!

Click this picture to follow the link:


Sign up!

Now, go to your phone, Ipad, and your mom, dad, brother, or husband’s phone, and download the Twice app onto each device (only 3*). Now that you’ve downloaded the app, sign into your new account on each app download!

BAM! You just scored $40 to shop for COMPLETELY FREE (including shipping fees)!!

Next, put your phone down and head back to your computer. Follow this link and watch this short video and take the quick 4/5 question quiz at the end. BAM! 25% off your order that you CAN use with your $40 FREE credit!

Like Twice Buyer Quiz 25% OFF

Checkout with your $40 credit, add your coupon code, and you have a ton of clothes coming to your door for COMPLETELY FREE!

You’re welcome!

*If your order total is “FREE”, you do NOT need to enter billing info, just shipping! Also, It is best to shop and checkout online on your actual computer, from what I have found, there is not a way to enter your quiz coupon code on the app.

Here’s the next best part: Go into your account, find your personal referral link, and again, send it to every Nancy, Joe, and Clayton you know! If they aren’t interested in using the credit, give them a ‘subtle’ hint for what you have your eye on, and maybe, just maybe, that item will show up on their doorstep in a few days for you to pick up when you stop by to “just spend some quality time.” (Thanks mom!)

For every friend who uses your link to sign up and shop OR sell to Twice (don’t forget to tell them how to get the full $40 in credit!), you will get another $10 credit added to your account! Credits can be used at once, or all together. Don;t forget to Google current coupon codes for Twice as well! By liking them on Facebook you will be awarded another coupon code!

Twice also takes items to consign from their buyers! Just go into your account, order a label/bag, and Twice will send you a pre-labeled, pre-paid bag to shove all your old stuff into. You get another $10 credit for selling, and if your friend sells, you both get $10 for them selling! Don’t throw it in the trash, send it to Twice! Save the environment and “go green” people!


The thing I love about this site is that when you order something on Monday, it is typically there before the end of the week! They ship priority and it comes LIGHTNING speed fast! If they are running behind, they will email to let you know, instead of leaving you wondering where your package is! I am so thankful to this site for my ENTIRE Fall wardrobe and will be shopping there for, well, forever!

To list a few, I have gotten: J Brand, Joe’s Jeans, Earnest Sewn Jeans, Gap Jeans, Ann Taylor Denim, Lilly Pulitzer, ZARA, J.Crew, Old Navy, and Land’s End, which has totaled over $1000 Retail price, for COMPLETELY FREE! How awesome right?! I’m telling you, you won’t regret it and when you’re walking down the street in your “new to you” $200 jeans, you’ll thank me!

free outfitfree outfit arrow

BONUS* All sell orders received by Twice during the month of October containing pink items, will be eligible for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. If you accept the total they offer you for your items, they will match the total and donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


You might get a little antsy while you wait for more credits to add up, which is what I often do, and end up spending a little here, and a little there. That’s how I got the “Under $50” in the title! But, you can spend as much or as little as your heart desires! It all depends on what you find and what you’re looking for!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please leave it in the comments below, or find me on Instagram @thehappeninghousewife, on Facebook through my link in the sidebar, or via email at

kisses THH

12 thoughts on “Re-do You’re ENTIRE Fall Wardrobe for Under $50!

      1. One last question lol! On the “ThreadUp” referall list what does it mean if it says their name rather than their email? Does that mean they placed an order? or is their no difference?

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that! I hope you LOVE these sites! I have had a ton of followers resist because they thought it wasn’t really free or that it was just a scam or something but, it’s completely free and you can at least ship a few things to yourself you think you’ll like and if you don’t like them, bring them to consignment and get a couple bucks for them!! Thank you for reading! Xoxo -THH


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