Last Minute Family Day Trip

After sitting at home all morning with the boys, hubby came home and told us to pack up for an afternoon coffee run. Thankfully my “mom bag” is always equipped with backup diapers, snacks, formula, play clothes, socks, wait what am I thinking? You know what’s in a mom bag. I grabbed that big ole’ Vera bag and headed out the door. We figured we would just fuel our caffeine craving and head to our local pumpkin patch before coming back home, WRONG. Our 20 minute run turned into a day in the car full of amazing family memories that I could never replace.

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We grabbed a coffee, well for me a tea, and a sprinkle doughnut for little man, hit up the local pumpkin patch, then hit the interstate. With no planned destination we figured we would make our stops as we went and turn around when we had enough. Our first stop was a short way out of St. Augustine at a corn maze in the middle of nowhere. I found online a 9 acre property that houses a gigantic corn maze and kids play area. We pulled in, unpacked the boys, and, after taking a few steps, decided to get right back into the car before trying to fight the sun with two little ones. A part of me wishes we would have experienced some of the maze but, I just hated the thought of spending the $20 to get in and little guy getting ancy!

In need of a fill, for our tummies and the gas tank, we stopped at a gas station, filled up, and got back on the road. Our next stop: Jacksonville, I can’t remember ever going to Jacksonville for more than just passing through so, I am so glad we were able to experience a drive through this gorgeous city for sight seeing purposes only and the tummyflies I got passing overThe Mathews Bridge!


We drove around feeling the ocean breeze for a good 40 minutes, checking out the old buildings and singing with the windows down. It was nearing 3 O’clock so we figured we better start making our way back. I was determined to find a Fall Festival or Pumpkin Patch of some sort before we got back into town so I scoured the Internet for anything of the sort. Unfortunately, Jaxtoberfest ended yesterday so we weren’t able to get in on that but, I found a great, inexpensive, family festival online through a Google search, It was only about 20 minutes out of the way on our trek home so we loaded the address into Maps and took the detour. Boop, Boop, Beep, Beep. We arrived at the location. NOTHING. EMPTY. NO FESTIVAL. I called the number online and they were closed! Womp womp. No biggie, we pulled into a parking lot, stretched our legs and headed home.

Doesn’t sound too exciting right? Think again. Although, we didn’t find any festivals or visit any major attractions, we had such an amazing time. It was just the four of us in a car for hours. We laughed, “meowed”, “woofed”, “mooed”, sang, screamed, yelped, and two of us snored!

Meow! Woof woof! Part 2!

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Meow! Woof woof! Family day trip to one of our favorite places!

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I would love to hear your favorite family trips! Comment below to share yours!

kisses THH

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