Things We Do That Drive Our Men Nuts

During a long, sporadic drive to Jacksonville today, hubby brought up a funny conversation he recently had with one of his gym buddies. To sum up the conversation, both men agreed on one thing: their women shed like sheepdogs. Which led to a couple giggles and this post.

We all do things that drive our men nuts, this list is not meant to offend or categorize any woman, I am just hoping as you read this that you have a few chuckles! If there is anything I leave out please feel free to comment below for others to read!


Hair Ties & Bobby Pins

You know what I’m talking about. Since I was young I have been driving every man I have ever lived with nuts by leaving my hair ties and bobby pins EVERYWHERE. They’ve been found in shower drains, laundry piles, car compartments, pretty much everywhere but my bathroom drawer! Sorry to my dad, brother, husband, ex boyfriends, friends’ boyfriends/husbands, you will most likely experience this the rest of your lives. Take it with a grain of salt though, when we’re in need and you happen to have one laying around we will praise you!

Razor Borrowing

Truth: Men’s razors are so much better than women’s. They get a closer shave and the moisturizing agent on the blade is so much more gentle and less likely to break us out. I really don’t know why women’s razors even exist anymore. Every lady I know uses a man’s razor, whether it be their husband’s or one they’ve actually purchased for themselves. Sorry guys, the only advice I have for you: pick one up as a stocking stuffer this year for wifey!


I have long, thick hair and have shed since before I can remember but, after having kids my shedding problem has tripled. I have to admit, it is so bad that sometimes when I finally get the chance to get myself ready in the morning, or really the afternoon, by the time both of my kids have been bathed and fed, I am negligent when it comes to picking up my lost locks. This is probably one of the top pet peeves on hubby’s list of things that drive him nuts. The drain, bathroom counter, bedroom floor, car, you name it, you’ll find a piece of me there.

Our Love Of Reality Television

Whether it be Kendra, Real Housewives, Couples Therapy, DWTS, or anything that airs on Bravo!, we can’t get enough of our guilty pleasure(s). The closest it gets to my husband watching reality television is Impractical Jokers and COPS. He comes in the bedroom after his nighttime line up has finished and takes total control of the remote. Not even sixty seconds goes by before he’s changing the channel from my Vanderpump Rules rerun to Homeland. There’s something about drama that we have no involvement in that is so addicting!

Sticky Kisses

We love our lip gloss but, I can’t get the vision out of my head of hubby’s crinkled face after a kiss on the check that leaves behind a pink shimmery stain. This will never change. However, keep the heart shaped temporary tat a little less sticky by getting us a new tube of our fav lip stain!

The Need To Size Up Other Women

We all do it. You’re walking the mall with your man and see this gorgeous blonde with long, toned legs strutting her stuff in a mini skirt that you would never get away with. It’s hard not to size up our “competition” but, men, make your woman feel even more confident in herself by grabbing her hand and fighting the urge to sneak a peak!

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

As I have gotten older and matured, the need to check myself out in every mirror I walk past has lessened but, sometimes my self conscious gets the best of me before i can catch myself turning towards that enormous mirror under the escalator at the mall.


There is no explanation needed.

If you have anything you’d like to add to this list please leave it in the comment section below! I would love to hear more quirky things we do as women that drive our men a little bonkers! With all these things aside, they still love us and who wouldn’t be thankful for that?

kisses THH

6 thoughts on “Things We Do That Drive Our Men Nuts

  1. 😄😄 omg, this is perfect. I’m guilty of all of these. Justin (baby daddy/fiance lol) calls it “circling” or “swarming” when I’m in a store scrambling to look for things I don’t need but I haven’t mentally satisfied my cartload yet. I’m just like.. ✋ ERRR shouldn’t have brought you. I’ll go from toddler section, shoes, cleaning supplies, back to toddler clothing section, every endcap (beat areas for sale items I have absolute no use for but have to have), home decor, and then 1 last sweep through the toddler section to either A) put things back in talked myself out of B) pickup the things I talked myself into C) or just start & sift aimlessly 😊


    1. Yes!!!!!!!!! I do the SAME THING!!! He wanted me to put that I don’t stand in line with him at the checkout!!! Haha but it’s totally because I’m “scrambling” ^^^^ That is too perfect haha love that I’m not the only one in that battle in the middle of the store! And the sale end caps?! Forget it, I dig the you know what out of those end cap piles! I come home with so much random stuff that I don’t even know what it is or what I’m going to do with it! Haha thanks so much for commenting! You started my morning with a ton of laughs! Xoxo


  2. Haha! So true! How about soap operas, binge watching shows like greys anatomy and one tree hill on netflix (no guy REALLY want to watch those. Our long showers and how long it takes to get ready!


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