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Hey guys!

I am super excited to share this awesome skin care line I found with you! Painted Earth Skin Care is all natural, 100% pure, completely organic, and NOT tested on animals! It’s seriously the closest thing to gold for your face! I wanted to try it for a couple of days before filling you in on all the awesome details of my review on this product! Saturday morning I was lounging around the house and hubby walked in with this big box and dropped it into my lap. I was ECSTATIC when I opened it to find my new skin care products happily tucked in nice and tidy waiting to be pumped, brushed, and applied!

The first thing I did was run to my bathroom and cleanse my face with the most gentle and luxurious face wash I have ever used. It removed all my make up and left my skin feeling so smooth that even my hubby couldn’t believe it. & I’m not just blowing smoke! I cleansed with the wash and then applied the green and white tea gel toner, AMAZING. I have NEVER even seen a gel toner before but, this stuff was far beyond what I would have imagined. Looking at it, one could easily assume that it would leave them feeling like someone just smeared hair gel all over their face, guess again. It’s JUST like a regular toner or witch hazel but, it adds a little moisture while toning WITHOUT leaving you feeling greasy like even some alcohol liquid based toners do. After the toner, i applied the eye serum, Vitamin C face lotion, and the Vitamin C serum. All of these products have their *natural* ingredient information listed and ย I have found are super versatile. I have used the eye serum as a lip moisturizer, and the face lotion on my dry hands and feet. I also love the Vitamin C Lip Treatment, It comes in a lip stick style tube but, is colorless, can lay beneath any gloss or stain, and is so delicious on my lips!


After using the entire line every single day, twice a day, for 4 days, I have recovered from break outs on my forehead and around my nose, and have noticed an over all difference in my skin’s glow. It looks and feels so much healthier.

piainted earth

Not only have I been using the skin care regimen from Painted Earth but, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of their makeup! As you might have learned in one of my earlier posts, I am a bit picky when it comes to makeup. Mineral powder is usually just not my thing but, the pressed powder foundation that I have from PE has changed my mind on that! I like that the foundation can give you a subtle, light coverage OR can be applied heavy for a more full coverage. With all my “close ups” and selfies I like a fuller coverage and I get so afraid that with powder foundations that I can’t reach that look. If you’re like me and want a powder foundation that won’t cake as much as a liquid but, prefer fuller coverage, this product just might be your new fav! ย To apply it, I use the pink Kabuki brush from Painted Earth, and start around my eyes and mouth and then the rest of my face. I only have to dab the brush a handful of times and swipe across my face in problems areas to get the coverage I am looking for. Top it off with the smooth and buttery lip and eye pencils, gloss, and blush, and you’ve got your self a pretty healthy selfie my little lady! *BONUS* Another two in one product here! I used the eyeliner as an eyebrow pencil as well! With a very light hand, I swept my brows with the pencil and then a brow brush and voila! My eyebrow tails exist again!

Lastly, my favorite product of them all is the Boo Boo Gel. I have never come across a product like this before. It is an all around boo boo, blemish, scratch, scab, you name it, -healer. It’s all natural, which means its perfectly safe for your little kiddies! Mommas, if your kid is a bruiser like mine, boo boo gel is your ticket to getting rid of those gross, disgusting band aids you find laying around the house! If you want to try but don’t want to buy a fulll size until you give it a go, Painted Earth offers sample sizes for only $5! Stocking stuffer?! I think yes! Get those here.

If you’re interested in getting to know Painted Earth Skin Care, today might be your lucky day!

Painted Earth and I have teamed up for an awesome giveaway!

Enter through the link below for a chance to win an entire beauty box from Painted Earth Skin Care, including blush, eye liner, lip gloss, eye shadow set, mascara, and my personal fav, Boo Boo Gel!


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For my daily morning routine with Painted Earth, check out my video on YouTube!

Morning Beauty Routine with The Happening Housewife

Thanks for checking out my favorite new brag-able beauty products! Make sure to enter our giveaway and share your feedback below!

What do you love most about Painted Earth?

1. All Natural 100% Organic

2. Not tested on animals

3. Affordable

kisses THH

8 thoughts on “Painted Earth Skin Care

  1. Your skin looks great! I loved watching your video and not just because you were rockin’ some t+p bangles ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love that the products are affordable, but also that they are natural… I feel like sometimes it’s so easy to forget about what all goes into the things we put on our skin, hair, etc.


  2. I love that it is natural and organic, I have really sensitive skin and I am allergic to most make up and end up having to pay tons of money and it stinks, so it being affordable is a plus too. ๐Ÿ™‚


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