Casting Call! Central Florida Backyard Makeover!

Calling all backyards in need!

bym flier

If you’re like us and have a backyard in need of a major makeover, snap some pics and film some video footage! Send it off to!

We moved into out home in 2012 and our backyard has been a never ending struggle! Between the Florida rains growing our weeds 3 feet high, our totally unlevel land, AND our exposed yard, open to bears, ‘coons, and critters of all sorts, we’re clearly in desperate need of a makeover! Who wouldn’t love a space where their little one’s could let loose and run freely for hours, and for us parents, it can be hard to take a seat and relax while we’re out at the park or on a play date! Wouldn’t you love to transform your yard into a place that you could have mommy time WHILE your kids are tiring themselves out?!

It can be hard for hubby and I to find a quiet time and place to go over our schedule for the coming week, or even chat about the day we’ve have. Every Sunday used to be a “come down” day for us. We would put little Col to bed and sit with a glass of wine and read our weekly questions to each other.

1. What was the best part of your week?

2. What is something I did that made you feel supported?

3. What can I work on in the weeks ahead to make you feel more supported and loved?

4. How have I made you feel like you’re appreciated this week?

5.What is something that made you feel really stressed this week?

6. How can I pray for you this week?

7. What are you excited for in the weeks ahead?

8> Have you learned anything new this week? About life, yourself, me, our family..etc.

Since we had our second little one and started therapy with Colin, we have neglected this important time together. Sunday comes and we’re tidying up the house for a fresh start to the week, and running around like crazy to get everything finished. Once our Sunday ends, we both plop down at the computer or in front of the tube  because, let’s face it, what else is there to do? It would be so great for us to have a peaceful place to get away  at the end of every week and get back on track with what’s most important, our time together as a family. It would be so wonderful to let the boys go at it out back as as we sit and enjoy each other and “come down” from the week behind us!

What an amazing experience this would be!

Please feel free to mention that you saw this ad on The Happening Housewife Blog!

If you’re not interested in applying for yourself, comment below why you think our family would be a great fit for a backyard makeover! Head on over to YouTube to see our personal video!

Share with your friends and family! This is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity!! & Jamie Durie?! Who wouldn’t want a backyard renovation from one of THE BEST?!

We’re HGTV lovers here! Aren’t you?!

kisses THH

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