Halloween Foodie Mix

“It’s Fall ya’ll!” From the words of every southern belle. Time for pumpkin, lattes, and adorable sweet treats! Being a mom of two, with a schedule filled to the nines, I barely have the time to whip up those adorable three day long foodie projects that we all love to pin! However, I have rounded up a few of my favs for a delicious, easy to follow, quick sweet filled table scape!

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This first recipe I tweak and use for almost every holiday! I’ve made green ones for St.Patrick’s day, red for Valentine’s Day, and and a mix of white and gold for New Years! Bonus** This mouth watering treat only requires three inexpensive ingredients!

1 package of Cream Filled chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos)
1 tub Cream Cheese
1 package baking/melting chocolate

photo 3 (1)

Empty cookies into a large bowl and crush. After you’ve crushed the cookies into smaller pieces, toss them into your food processor and grind until the cookies have turned into fine crumbs. If you don’t have a food processor, grab a meat mallet or spoon and continue crushing the cookies! Sometimes placing a paper towel between your tool if choice and the cookies makes it easier!

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Once your cookies have transformed into crumbs, add 4 table spoons of softened cream cheese to your bowl of cookie crumbs. This can be as messy or as clean as you want! You can use a mixer but I prefer to use my hands! 🙂 Mix the two ingredients together until they form into a doughy-like texture. If you need to add more cream cheese that’s fine too! I prefer my Oreo balls a little more creamy than what the recipe calls for so, I always add extra! Toss your mix into the fridge for now!

photo 4 (1)   photo 3 (2)   photo 2 (2)

Next, grab your melting/baking chocolate. I used Ghirardelli baking chocolate. I chose one bar of white chocolate and once bar milk chocolate. Heat your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl as directed! I stuck mine in the micro, one bar at a time, for 40 seconds and it came out perfect! Store your chocolate to get any clumps out. Pull your mixture back out of the fridge.

photo 1 (2)

Now, the fun part! Using a large spoon, scoop out a spoonful of your cookie & cream cheese mix and roll it into a ball. Once you have your ball, dip it onto your melted chocolate and roll it around with a spoon. To take the chocolate covered Oreo ball out of the chocolate, I usually use my spoon and place it onto a non stick pan or piece of wax paper.

photo 5   photo 4

Once your finished chocolatizing your Oreo balls, let them harden in your fridge for at least 15 minutes. Take them out, and ENJOY!

I created spiders with my Oreo balls by adding round sprinkles and some black toothpicks! You could also dip some mini pretzels in the chocolate as well to use as the legs! 🙂

photo 1

(You’re welcome for your newest addiction! 🙂 )

My next go-to treat for any Holiday is the classic, chocolate covered pretzel. This is one of the easiest foodie gifts I’ve ever made and it’s also very inexpensive to make!

Large pretzel sticks
Melting/baking chocolate
Optional: sprinkles. Sugar glitter, food decor

Wax paper or non stick pan

First, melt your baking chocolate as directed in a microwave safe bowl. Once your chocolate is melted, pull out some of your large pretzel rods and swirl them around in your melted chocolate. If your bowl isn’t deep enough to swirl, grab a spoon and drizzle your chocolate over the end of your pretzel. If you’re like me and want to decorate your pretzels, sprinkle some toppings into your pretzel immediately after you dip and swirl! This will ensure that your foodie decor will stick to your pretzels as they harden! Place them onto your wax sheet or pan and toss them into the fridge!

I made my pretzels into mummies by drizzling white chocolate over my dipped pretzels and added some eyes with my melted milk chocolate!

If you’re gifting these, grab some clear goodie bags and wrap them up with a cute ribbon!

REMEMBER: The entire rod doesn’t need to be covered in chocolate! 🙂 Salty and sweet is always good so, just dip one half of your pretzel!

photo 3

For my last pin worthy Halloween treat. I made a yummy popcorn mix!

Baking chocolate
Candy corn

Pop your popcorn and toss it into a big bowl. Melt your chocolate in the microwave as directed. Once your chocolate is melted, grab a spoon and drizzle it over your popcorn filled bowl. Make sure to toss your popcorn around so the bottom half of your popcorn doesn’t get left out of your chocolaty goodness! Let your chocolate covered kernel pops harden, and add your bag of candy corn! Mix it up, and you’ve got yourself a sweet, festive version of traditional party mix!

popcorn drizzle

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to my blog for more Halloween themes party treats!

kisses THH

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