Washy Washy!

A few weeks ago I did a post on how to stay a little less germy this Fall, which you can find HERE if you’re interested. As we near flu season, I just couldn’t resist doing another feature on our germy hands! Yesterday, as I was hopping from Target, to the gas station, over to our OT’s office, and home, with a quick stop to Old Navy and Michael’s in between, I really  couldn’t help but picture in my head all of the germs and cooties I was collecting from the things I touched. Most of the stuff I put my hands on were things I couldn’t help: door handles, shopping carts, elevator buttons, you name it. There are things you can do to make these small situations less germy but, the BEST way to save yourself from these gross little boogers is WASHING. When we got home from our day the first thing I did was bring both boys and myself to our kitchen sink to wash up. I could not let them eat, drink, or play with their toys, knowing all of the germs we brought home with us. I might sound like a freak here but, after we all suffered from the Norovirus a couple years ago, my germ-ophobia skyrocketed!

Next time you leave your house just think about everything you’re touching. I was overly grossed out when I pumped gas. Just looking around me and witnessing one person cough into their hands, the next wipe their nose on their wrist, and another, well, he didn’t do anything specific but, he came off to me as maybe one of those ones who may not wash their hands after a potty break. *No judgement* They were all pumping gas at the same gas station as me, and although they didn’t use the same pump, the likely hood of the persons before me doing the same things, was high.

Remember, washing your hands isn’t just for YOU, it’s for everyone around you! Your kids, their teachers, your mailman even, we’re all affected by each others lack of washing and trust me when I tell you, having the time off from work isn’t as fun as when you’re not healthy! Save those paid days off for when you can really enjoy them!


I found this amazing handcrafted soap from Lynnburg Lane on Etsy and it is FABULOUS! Your kitchen and bathroom soap doesn’t need to be an eyesore! Go for something that can be a statement piece at your wash station! It might just get your kids, friends, and family more encouragement to wash more when they’re visiting!

Video Here

lynnburg lane

kisses THH

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