National Adoption Month

In honor of National Adoption Month & World Adoption Day, and my position as a Representative of Kangaroo House, I wanted to open this post to all of those who have adopted, have been adopted, or have fostered a child. I would LOVE to hear your adoption story and would be honored if you shared on my blog. Please comment in the comment section below if you have a story you would like to share!

November is National Adoption Month, and although I myself have not adopted a child, it is a dream of mine to one day bring a child into our home to love as if they were birthed by me. If you follow my Pinterest, you might have seen my Adopt board and wonder why I have one. Hubby and I have tossed this idea around for over a year now and I hope that the day will come that we can give back to a child in need.

Before I go on further, I just want to share these facts with you from NationalAdoptionDay .org:

MORE than 100,000 children in the US alone, are waiting for an adoptive family to love and care for them, and most of these little beings will wait on average, 4 YEARS to find a home. I can’t even write this without tears filling my eyes. I hurt for those babies who will not have the love and support that I give my boys every single day. I am not asking you to adopt a child on a whim, I’m not even asking for you to reconsider the decision that it may not be for you but, I am asking that you join me and Kangaroo House this Sunday in celebrating those who have found homes and spreading awareness for those who have not.


This Sunday, November 9th is the first EVER World Adoption Day.  Snap a pic of the Smiley drawn on your hand and #worldadoptionday  and  #KHsmileyface.

Do like the Kangas do

kisses THH

5 thoughts on “National Adoption Month

  1. after raising two children my husband and I decided to adopt and it took several years and a lot of tears but we have a beautiful little girl that is now 6 years old. We were supposed to bring her home from the hospital when she was born but her birth mother had a change of heart, and wanted to keep her, and then 10 days later called us to say if you still want her come and get her. Sounds cold but when we got there to pick up the baby the birth mother was a basket case and it was just bittersweet for us.


  2. it is also a dream of mine to one day adopt a child. I worked as a case manager and saw first hand how many children just in our area of florida alone are in need of loving homes, it’s heart breaking.


  3. me me me!!!
    You know your cousin SUMMER was brought into our lives when she was 12. She moved in just after her 13th birthday… the first girl in a house of ALL BOYS!!! Nothing like “birthing” a teen girl into a wolf pack to OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
    BEST decision we ever made… She is an amazing and successful young woman of 20 today and I could not be more proud of who she has become… or more surprised at how she changed our lives.
    We are definitely looking for more kiddos… BOYS this time… in 1 to 2 years… I want a little more time with my youngest at home… and then… the doors will open again! We will look for troubled kids… hard to place… really any boy that needs a home. NO BABIES though! haha


    1. THANK YOU for sharing! I hope others see and read your comment to see that not all adoptions have to be babies! Most children who are looking for a home are not babies and will look for a forever home, for forever! xoxoxoxoo


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