12 AWESOME Stocking Stuffers for Men

Stocking Stuffers for Men
1. Monogrammed Flask What could be better than a flask full of your hubby’s favorite scotch while he spends the day with his in laws and a ton of kids running around? Now, I’m not encouraging a totally unconscious daddy passed out on the sofa with a full belly, asking for a serious hang over the next day but, I can say I think my guy would appreciate a little swig withย our late lunch.
2. Leather Belt I swear, it’s like their belts know when this time of year is coming around and they hold out until right after Christmas when all of my Holiday shopping is finished and I don’t want to touch foot on mall property for at least six weeks. So, this year my man is getting a belt BEFORE it decides to fall apart and well before I am forced to hit up Dillard’s for an emergency belt run!
3. Jam Transit Bluetooth Earbuds These earbuds were a hit in his stocking last year and they go with him everywhere! They weren’t very expensive and I honestly thought they MIGHT work for a week if I was lucky but, they have been his favorite pair of earbuds since! They’re blue tooth and come with a charger to hook up to your computer. We ended up buying a second pair just so we had a backup if the first pair failed him in a gym time of need! (We bought ours at Bed Bath and Beyond)
4. Hand Crafted Men’s Soap We absolutely LOVE our hand crafted bar of men’s soap from Lynnburg Lane. He’s the kind of guy that loves a men’s specific body product. He has just as many skin products in our shower as I do and I love it! This hand crafted soap from Lynnburg Lane has become his favorite and leaves him smelling perfectly masculine for me!
5. Cologne Hit up Abel Organics for a mini sized organic cologne. This cologne is crafted as the world’s first 100% organicย Eua de Parfum. This parfum is made as a unisex product to reflect your own scent. Since the product is not made to a specific gender, drop it into your hubby’s stocking and use it as your holiday travel scent rather than packing two! Who doesn’t love a gift that can be shared after gifting?!
6. 3 in 1 Stylus Pen We recently saw a product similar to this on YouTube and the big guy fell in love. He has recently become a stylus addict and did I mention this pen triples as an ink pen and a flashlight as well?!
7. G-Shock Watch Okay, so, this might be pushing the budget as just a stocking stuffer but, the size is perfect and if none of these other items interest you, save the money on candy, junk, and golf balls, and stuff his stocking with something he’d really love! This watch is a man’s must have, coming from a home that houses two already, they can never have enough! G-Shock gives so many different color and design options. Check out Amazon for some great deals coming up on these!
8. Favorite Hot Sauce We have hoarded this hot sauce in our fridge for almost a year now and it’s on the last drop. It was under $5 and made him happy for every Mexican, chicken, and take out pizza meal that we had throughout the year.
9. Handmade Leather Wallet The same situation happens for us with wallets as it does belts. They always run ragged right after the holidays pass by and I seem to regret passing up the huge rack of sale wallets during my last minute shopping. This year, I am loving these handmade leather wallets that I found on Etsy. Genuine leather stretches and molds better than a synthetic material and if there’s one thing we all know about men, it’s that they love comfort.
10. Fun Socks These are a must. There really isn’t much of an explanation needed here but, fun socks are always neat to fill the bottom of my guy’s stocking.
11. Monogrammed Cuff Links I love anything monogrammed and because my obsession has over taken every almost every wall, glass, and throw pillow in my house, monograms have become second nature to him too. Men love custom, and with the popularity of monograms on the rise again, an inexpensive pair of monogrammed cuff links, like these wooden ones I found on Etsy, are perfect.
12. Weightlifting Straps As I was nearing the end of this list, I asked hubs to check over my choices and make any additions. This was his number one. I know all of these gifts are a little niche but, fitness isย a priority in so many of our lives that I think he’s onto something here. These can be found for under $10 and will give your guy inspiration for his New Year’s fitness resolution.
kisses THH

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