Stocking Stuffers for the littles!

Stocking Stuffers for the littles!
1. Handmade Teether from Bannor Toys: How cute is this teether!?!? Find @bannortoys on Instagram too and check out all of their other awesome baby friendly goodies!
2. Handmade Fox Stuffie from Personality Ink: WE LOVE OUR little fox pal from Personality Ink! It’s so plush and the perfect size for our baby KK to hold in his tiny hands!
3. Bibdana from Teegy Togs on Etsy: Have you heard of the newest trend in baby accessories yet?! The bibdana is like a scarf or bandana that snaps in the back like a bib and is used to collect drool so their threads don’t get soaked! Not only does it keep their clothes nice but, if your babies are like mine, they break out with damp clothes rubbing on their sensitive skin! These deff help prevent that!
4. Sophie the Giraffe Teetherย YES, YES, YES! This is such a great gift for a little one with a sore mouth! Pick it up a Target or Toys R Us and make sure you check your Shopular App for a discount!!
5. The Honest Company Sunscreen Lotion: This is a must! Check out The Honest Company for all of their amazing products! This little sunscreen lotion bottle is the perfect fit to slide into your little bee’s stocking! We find our Honest Company goods at Target!
6. Teething Jewels from Dove and Dovelet: These teething necklaces are awesome! They’re a win win for momma and baby! I always feel so terrible when my little one stuffs his mouth full of the jewelry I have around my neck but, this jewelry is made of materials that are safe and comfortable for your babies mouth while you wear!
7. Latchy Catchy: EVERY home with a baby needs one of these! They’re affordable, easy for travel, and fun! NO MORE SLAMMING DOORS while your little is sleeping!
8.Custom Baby’s First Christmas Ornament from Jessica N Designs: We LOVE everything from Jessica N Designs and just might HAVE to order one of these for our little Kenedy this year! Who doesn’t love a great keepsake item for Christmas?! Because their first year is so sentimental and heart warming, and really, since they don’t know the difference between the red and while furry sock and a gift anyway, get them something you can always remember this special day with!
9. Legwarmers from Teegy Togs on Etsy: Our boys LIVE in their Teegy Togs leggings! These are soft, wash well, and come from this amazing small shop that we can’t help but give our support to!
10. Moccasins from Freshly Picked: Colin is always asking to wear his Freshly Picked Mocassins! I know what you’re thinking here too, I know them from somewhere! Chances are, you do! Freshly Picked was on Shark Tank! These mocassins are super comfy and they’re made of genuine leather! They are the perfect small item to put in your babe’s stocking!
ย Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!
..Thanksgiving is next week, I think it’s deff appropriate to wish you Happy Holidays at this point!
kisses THH

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