Dating Your Husband From Your Pillow

Although it may not seem like it from this video, hubs and I hit a pretty rough patch a couple years ago. I wanted to share one of the really huge yet, simple techniques that we used to get us back on track.

7 weekly questions

When you’re in a tough spot in your relationship or marriage and feel like there is nothing that can help, no way out, just take a step back and focus on the smaller things in life. Most of the time we’re arguing with our love over small petty things that come from an overwhelming urge that has been built up on other small, or big, things. We got to a point that we did, yes, have to visit a therapist who is experienced with couples. Some of the tools she gave us worked wonders but, most of the tools we used were right HERE, in our home, in our heads, and in our hearts. These simple weekly questions are one of the best things I can offer you, probably ever on my blog. We found them through Pinterest, and I wish I had the link now for the blogger I got them from but, this little list has been crinkled, hanging on our fridge for a couple years now from the day I found them! We also added two of our own to their list! I took the time one night to type up 120 random questions as well, cut them into tiny pieces, and tossed them into a vase which sits on our kitchen counter. Every Sunday night once the boys are in bed and we take time to wind down,grab our questions off of the fridge and our jar of randoms from the counter and start at our ten minutes of “love time.” This time is something we look forward to every week. I know what you’re thinking already, “You really think my husband is going to do these silly questions? This will be awkward..” But, really, we got to a point that HE would actually remind me, “Hey! We haven’t done our questions yet, we need to do them.” It’s so uplifting for me to hear him not just willing but, wanting to do them!

Before you print these out or write them down on an empty bill envelope or an old receipt, take a few minutes to watch our video! I know this may seem personal but, we’re a team here and the purpose of my blog is to help mothers and wives like myself so, I bribed hubby with a glass of red wine, a couple Oreos, and yes, a drawer full of clean boxers…before the end of the week!

Go ahead, now that you’ve seen our version, cuddle up in bed with your hubs and get to it! It only takes a few minutes and it’s SO worth it! What better do you have to do?! Besides pinning this post to Pinterest of course! SAVE IT! Get to it, lady! Go grab that handsome man of yours and read him these simple questions!


1. How did you feel loved this week?

2. What do you have planned for this upcoming week?

3. How can I help you feel loved and encouraged in the weeks ahead?

4. How can I pray for you this week?

5. How would you like to be pursued this week in sex/intimacy?

6. What is something I have done this week that you feel I can work on in the weeks ahead?

7. Tell me your one goal for this week and how I can help you accomplish it?

We really hope this post and video will help you and your love. If you’re up for reading a little more, check out one of our favorite relationship books, The Five Love Languages! There is a short version also available which is what we read!

5 LL

Thanks for reading!

kisses THH…and her Happening Househusband.

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