Top 10 Gifts for the Travel Junkie

Travel Junkie Gifts
“Ring Ring” Your BFF is flying in from the big city and THESE gifts are calling her name!
With all the traveling that happens in our world, I have taken the time to narrow down my TOP 10 fave gifts for traveling! Looking to gift your Bestie, wife, or daughter who makes tedious long drives or spends endless hours on an airplane? Snag up one, or all of these awesome gifts to make this year, her happiest yet!
1. Audrey Hepburn inspired Sleep Mask With the exception of our families, there’s nothing us ladies love more than beauty sleep! Let her rest on her flight home with this gorgeous, handmade, sleep mask!
2. Google Chromecast This HDMI streaming media player can be used in any HDTV and controlled with your existing Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone®, iPad®, or laptop. No remotes required. Cast your favorites from many popular apps — Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Crackle, Radio, MLB.TV, ESPN, MLS, Crunchyroll, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Google Photos, and Chrome* — to your TV with the press of a button. This is such an awesome gift and can be used in hotels while traveling as well! Let her keep access to her favorites episodes of Desperate Housewives anywhere she goes!
3. Scratch Travel Journal From the words of the creator, “Combining the functionality of a travel planner, a checklist, a diary, an international translator, and an interactive map, this journal is the ultimate travel companion. Ideal for the person in your life who always seems to be jetting off on their next adventure, this compact journal allows them to plan their trip and record every experience along their journey in their own words. Plus, they’ll be able to keep track of their travels with the set handsome scratch-off-where-you’ve-been maps of every continent. Travelers can scratch off the towns, cities, and landmarks they’ve visited to reveal adventurous pops of color.”
4. Monogram Gold Glitters Water Bottle I LOVE this water bottle! The sipping piece is amazing, and the fact that you can personalize this to match the next items below, just makes this entire set an awesome gift! Head over to For Posh Sake for an entire line of monogrammed gifts for all your personalization needs!
5., 6., & 7., Kate Spade Saturday Luggage Tag, Weekend Bag, Cosmetic Pouch With these three items, your lady will have hit the TRIFECTA! This luggage set from Kate Spade Saturday is classic, sleek, and can be used for travels close and far!
8. Travel Size Handcrafted Washing and Moisturizing Set from Lynnburg Lane  Anytime we travel, I look high and low for a great, luxurious set of items that will make me feel like I’m home without settling for a cheap set of body care with a ton of additives or chemicals unhealthy for our skin. This set from Lynnburg Lane is amazing and is the PERFECT size for travel! BONUS* Lynnburg Lane is also offering exclusive discount codes for all of my readers for this product! Head over to my SHOP page for the code!
9. Cinching Laundry Bag There’s nothing I hate more than taking a road trip and cramming all of my dirty clothes back into the suitcase with my still-clean stuff! This easy to fold, cinching laundry bag is perfect for the traveler in your life!
10. Coordinates Necklace Customize this gorgeous necklace for her with her favorite place or city to visit!
Thanks for checking out this awesome gift guide! If you have more ideas that fit this guide please feel free to comment below!
kisses THH

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