It’s Midnight, You’re Baby’s Sick, & Your Ped. Didn’t Answer. Most Reliable Medical Websites!

Hey mommas and daddas! We’ve all been there…The point that you JUST fall asleep and hear your little one hacking over the monitor for 20 minutes before you drag yourself out of bed to realize they have either a fever, itchy bumps, tummy issues, or all of the above! Thankfully for us, our pediatrician is almost ALWAYS available in the middle of the night for a phone call straight to her personal cell. However, those rare times that we can’t get her, and it doesn’t seem urgent enough for an ER visit, we always resort to the web…better known as just, Google. Type in toddler with red itchy bumps and see how many results you get… right now the number is 225,000+! At our last appointment, I wanted to get her opinion on what she thought were the best online sites for researching medical “stuff”. These are the two she said are most accurate and up to date!



As for new mommas or expecting mommas, I also LOVE

The Bump

Baby Center

Both of these sites will give you weekly updates on your baby’s progression, size, etc. I used both religiously through each of my pregnancies!

I hope this helps narrow your anxiety when you’re seeing 1,000 ridiculously extreme links in your search results!

Thanks for reading!

kisses THH

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