10 Non-Candy Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Girls!

Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Girls
1. These hand crafted strawberry mittens are so perfect for a little one’s cold fingers! Keep her hands warm this season with a gorgeous pair of fruit shaped mittens from Etsy!
2. This dancing wand is such a great gift to shove down into the side of a stocking! Let her run through the wind with this awesome wand!
3. Looking for a forever gift for you and your little one to share? These custom hand crafted bar necklaces from Bip and Bop are the perfect Mommy and Me gift! Let Bip and Bop create one for you with her name, and one for her that says “Mommy” and you’re sure to have a gift she will adore for years to come! BONUS* Save on these with this exclusive coupon for my followers! Use code: HOUSEWIFE for 15% off of any purchase from Bip and Bop! *This link is to ONE necklace. Choose from any bar necklace in her shop to customize as a mommy and me set and save with the discount code: HOUSEWIFE! 🙂
4. Training your little girl to transition from a sippy cup to a straw?! These personalized tumblers from For Posh Sake come custom with their name and are the perfect item to become their favorite BIG GIRL gift!
5. Head over to Kinsley’s Kustoms and pick up a couple pretties for your little one’s hair to toss into her stocking! The owner is an amazing momma who opened a shop to share what she loves! Her little princess is always decked out head to toe and her prices are AWESOME! She knows the budget of a SAHM and runs her prices super affordable for other mommas like us to keep their little fashionistas dolled up!
6. Character Spin Brush from Oral B. These are sure to get your little ones learning to brush themselves!
7. This handmade doll from Sew Many Pretties on Etsy has to be my favorite handcrafted doll that I have EVER laid eyes on! We were lucky enough to get one of these dolls from Sew Many Pretties and I was BLOWN AWAY at the perfection that is this doll. After seeing the prices on so many handmade dolls on Etsy and at local craft shows, I couldn’t believe that for the size of this doll, how great the price is! I have seen handmade dolls for $60 that are half the size of these with not nearly as much detail. This one is the perfect size at 15 INCHES! I have to give major props. to this little shop and what an amazing job they do! We shared this doll with a mommy friend and her little princess and we both agree, we want to keep it for ourselves and only bring it out when the kids are passed out to we can secretly play dolls in the closet with a glass of our fave champagne! PERFECTION. Deff. well worth the money!
9. This Snow White book from Faery of Tales is the perfect little princess book for her Tea Party! The illustrations are gorgeous and timeless!
10. This handcrafted tea time play set from Sewing4Girls Today on Etsy is PERFECT to drop into your little one’s stocking! Let her imagination go with this very affordable, handmade, tea set complete with tea cookies and tea bags!
Happy Holidays!
kisses THH

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