10 Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Boys!

10 Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Boys!
Every year when Christmas comes around, I am always looking for small gifts to fill my toddler’s stocking that are not sugar filled, cavity screaming, edibles. This year I put together this list of my favorite gifts that are small enough to fit into a stocking but, large enough to replace that candy craving!
1. These Pirate Treasure Map and Coins are perfect for your little captain’s imagination!
2. I love these handmade cars from Bannor Toys! Perfect to stuff as one, or buy a trio!
3. These mini action figures are one piece that don’t break into smaller pieces. I love any small toy that doesn’t have to be assembled and stays in one piece in case it finds its way into my 7 month old’s mouth! These are cheap and you can find them at almost any big box toy store or comic book store.
4. Tell me this pom pom ball sling shot is not PERFECT for your little guy?! It also helps with hand eye coordination, is safe, and get’s away from “normal” play!
5. Little man uses his Disney Character Spin Brush every night so, you better believe he will be getting a replacement in his stocking this year!
6. Lego man shaped crayons from Etsy are such a cool, new way to color! Grab your here.
7. Matchbox cars are always a great filler! We take our out of the packaging before tossing them into the stocking to make more space!
8. This tumbler from For Posh Sake is such a perfect transition from a sippy cup to a big boy cup! It comes personalized with their name too!
9. These handmade superhero blocks are AWESOME!! They focus on a ton of learning strategies and come with your kid’s favorite super friends! Check out their shop for more cool blocks like these!
10. Does your little guy need a reason to bathe without a battle?! These LEGO shaped soap bars are perfect for bath time!
Happy Holidays!

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