What’s Your Motto?

If you know me personally, you probably know that I have a major problem with ailments! Ever since I was young, I’ve had a serious problem. I can clearly remember calling and asking my grandmother around age 8, if I had Chemo. because I thought I had hair falling out. Fast forward to high school and on an occasion or two, I know I asked some older girlfriends if I could be pregnant from NOT doing “it.” I have been an “undiagnosed” hypochondriac since I can remember and having kids only made that worse.

I started having full blown anxiety in High School. There were times in school that one of my gal pals would have to practically carry me to the clinic so that I could call my mom and have her pick me up. I would get shallow breathing, a numb face, and the feeling that I was pretty close to passing out which, only made it worse. Add being a hypochondriac on top of anxiety and you have your self a huge ball of disaster.

After I had my second little guy, I found that over these past 7 months, my anxiety has skyrocketed and has hit its highest point. Driving over a bridge, eating something that is known to cause allergic reactions for OTHER people, my phone dying, husband driving to work, going to the mall alone, you name it, it brings on the anxiety. I hate it. HATE IT! I can’t get it under control but, I have been inspired to find my way out.

A couple weeks ago, Vaiana from Le Motto, sent me an email on what was one of my WORST days for anxiety. I had just recovered from what felt like a week of attack after attack and was finally recovering from it. Her email was so sweet and uplifting as she described her company to me.

le motto 3

lemotto tank from thehappeninghousewife

Le Motto is a shop that creates items with inspirational words to encourage the world to be good, do good, and have good. She asked me to choose my motto, and as I scrolled through the long list, I came across, “Live More, Worry Less.” I couldn’t have had a better sign, or known a better motto at that exact second. I was so honored to wear this tank and write this post to encourage all of you mommas suffering from anxiety to take it one step at a time. Breathe, and you’ll get through it momma! You’ve got this! YOU control your anxiety. YOU control your LIFE. Not anxiety. Pshh..Anxiety, who are you?! NOONE, you’re nothing to me. You keep telling yourself, Live More and Worry Less. Join me on my number one New Year’s Resolution to kick this crap in the butt and take control of that terrible A word!

le motto 2

Live More. Worry Less.

You deserve it!

kisses THH

*Necklace from SHINYMIX

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Motto?

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! Anxiety runs in my family & I never thought I would feel it’s affects until this last year. It’s been an interesting year for me, as I have been learning to cope with anxiety attacks. The mind is a very powerful thing & I am for sure learning to put mind over matter. Love your motto & the tank!!


  2. Beautiful pictures! Very powerful message! You are not a victim because you are fighting your anxiety and not letting it consume you. Congratulations! Keep up!
    Thank you very much for your kind words!


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