Black Friday Shopping Essentials

Alright so, we’re only hours away from the biggest onsite shopping day of the year so, I pulled a couple things together as a reminder for everyone to be safe, healthy, and courteous to those shopping around you! Remember, we all have the same goal: To get the best deal for under our tree. Whether it be for your little ones, a new flat screen to hang on your wall, or that watch your husband has been eyeballing since last year’s sale, keep these things in mind while shopping!

  black friday shopping essentials

My Black Friday Shopping Essentials:

1. Water, water, water. Stay hydrated! I will be bringing along my favorite water bottle from For Posh Sake and refilling as I need. With lack of sleep from preparation for Thanksgiving and the zzz’s you’re losing while hitting up your favorite retail spots instead of catching up on beauty rest, you have to stay hydrated!

black friday essentials 2

2. A smaller handbag or crossbody clutch. Take a few minutes and swap your huge bag or purse for a smaller clutch or crossbody. The less that you have to keep track of, the better. My crossbody clutch from Mimi’s Monograms is my perfect shopping essential. I will only be bringing what I will use to purchase merchandise, my ID, keys, and my phone. Really, what else do you possibly need to bring?

black friday essentials 4

4. My MUST HAVES list. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re actually going out in that madness for. Jot down a couple things you absolutely feel are the best deals that you want to make sure you have under your tree and keep everything else as a back up or a “nice to have” item.

5. My sanity. Don’t forget to be courteous and not get lost in the craziness that Black Friday is known for. Keep your cool, and remember to watch your back in parking lots. Don’t loose your mind that’s full of excitement while walking out to your car carrying 3 huge bags of 70% off whatever’s. Keep track of your surroundings and be safe!

6. A girlfriend. It’s not safe to do this kind of shopping alone, really, it’s just not. So, before you go out on your own, text a couple of your girlfriends to see what their plans are for the day! Even if you need to switch it up between your group of girlies so that everyone gets to their favorite spots, do so.

7. Comfortable clothes & shoes. Yes, I know. You looked so cute in that peplum dress with those heels and that faux fur vest but, girl, you’ve got to get into something comfortable! Slip into your favorite pair of skinnies and a sweater for the long night and day you have ahead of you!

black friday essentials 3

8. FOOD. Don’t forget to stop for food. Just as much as you need to stay hydrated, you need to eat. Grab a snack at a vendor in your mall or even a danish from Starbucks during your coffee break!

9. SHOPULAR. If you keep up with my blog, you already know that I LOVE my Shopular app. Make sure to download BEFORE you get out of the house and check the app for all of your favorite sales and deals! REMEMBER, stores will be changing sales by the hour in some cases, so keep refreshing and make sure to add your favorites in the app!

10. Trips to the car. As great as if may feel to be carrying around bags with everything you’ve been waiting for all year long, take a trip to the car and drop them off before you start your next round. Your arms and fingers will thank you and it will be so much easier to keep track of 3 bags than 10!

Good Luck!



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