Why We Tossed Our Turkey For A Totally Untraditional Thanksgiving!

Okay, so maybe we’re not boycotting the entire day of Thanksgiving but, just some pieces and parts of it!


Sitting at dinner the other night, hubs and I got a pretty quick reality check. Both of the boys were passed out in the booth at the restaurant and we were finally able to have an ACTUAL conversation for the first time in weeks in somewhat peace and quiet. We were only days away from Thanksgiving so, of course the topic came up. I asked what our plans were and he kind of just nodded at me like, “well ,it’s your choice really, I’m just here for the ride.” He looked just as exhausted as I felt and I honestly got a little anxious even thinking about it. Going from house to house, dragging both kids along, the risk of our toddler wanting to jump in our family’s pool fully clothed, socializing with a ton of people that I will see in just a few weeks again while fighting my kids to stop picking and pulling at each other mid conversation, it’s just overwhelming to even think about. So, I told him, no, you know what we’re doing for Thanksgiving? NOTHING. We’re doing nothing. He has to go back to work Friday and it’s rare that we have a day to actually do NOTHING but, hang out as a family unplanned, unprepared, and totally untraditional.


Colin’s old enough now to help in the kitchen some when he’s wiling so, I thought what better to serve than homemade pizzas?! He LOVES pizza and yes, Thanksgiving is about the turkey and the whole feast that goes along with it but, for me, the most important part of the day is to actually come down from life and thank my children for being so wonderful and loving, thank my husband for all his hard work, and thank my family for *hopefully* understanding why we’re not chasing our screaming children around their house.




It’s a lot of work doing the whole house hopping for holidays with kids and I didn’t want to work today. I wanted the day off. I wanted to be able to sit on my kitchen counter laughing with my my two year old while he and I had a shredded cheese fight. I wanted that more than turkey, or cranberry sauce, or even, yes, pumpkin pie. I love my family and I love spending the holidays with them but, to be honest, this was probably the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. There was no pressure and no time constraints. We ate when we wanted, we cleaned when we wanted, and I was even 2 mimosas down by the time pizza was done!


It’s rare that we have a day when hubby can actually sit with his boys on the sofa and watch a movie, or even see the two of them interact with each other for longer than 10 minutes. We watched them play together, laugh together, learn together, and it was amazing. This day has shown me more about our little family than any other day ever has. I’m thankful for this day, these homemade pizzas, and the three people I love more than life itself.

  20141127_12260920141127_122607   20141127_122611

Even Keke enjoyed! 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

kisses THH

*Wine Tumbler from For Posh Sake

*Always Hungry Tee and Plaid Leggings from Ahoy Amigo!

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