PARTY with me & Lori for a chance to WIN!

I don’t know about you but, I’m beat! I am staying in this evening dressed in my favorite PJ’s and cuddled on the couch, to finish my Christmas Shopping!

Doing the same?! DON’T leave your sofa and come party with me, Lori, and Chloe + Isabel!

How can you party in your PJ’s, you ask?

Join us HERE to party with Chloe + Isabel and our favorite wish list items!


RSVP for a chance to WIN a $25 gift certificate off of a $75 purchase

Play along with us on and off ALL day tomorrow as we post videos, photos, fun games, giveaways, and our FAVORITE pieces off of our wish list!!

Chloe + Isabel is running some AMAZING Black Friday weekend sales and we can’t wait to share them with you!!

By shopping my party, you will also be given an extra entry into my HUGE loot giveaway next week including one of my favorite pieces from Chloe + Isabel!!

Want to know more about Chloe + Isabel?

From the words of Chloe & Isabel:

“Chloe” is a fearless fashionista, always in search of the season’s hottest trends, while “Isabel” appreciates, above all, timeless, beautifully-crafted pieces. Whether you’re a Chloe, an Isabel, or a Chloe-bel (that’s a bit of both!), we are a destination for all women!”

Get to know the precious jewels!

All of the jewelry is  hand-designed in the Chloe + Isabel NYC studio. Each piece is branded with signature Chloe + Isabel closures and clasps, and comes packaged in beautiful branded keepsake pouches. All of the jewelry come with a lifetime warranty and is inspired by a “Provence meets Paris” take on “country chic.”

    earringsnecklace statement

WHY shop Chloe + Isabel?

I LOVE Chloe + Isabel because they offer a lifetime replacement on ALL of their pieces! I don’t know about you but, anything that offers a lifetime warranty is game in my play book! They’re items are also hypoallergenic, nickel free, and lead safe. Their pieces start at $24 and go up in price from their BUT, with the Black Friday specials, you’re sure to save!

It’s all about the packaging!

After ordering your precious jewels from Chloe + Isabel, sit back, relax, and wait for some real treasures to come your way! These jewels are so perfectly packaged and wrapped straight from Chloe + Isabel! Everything comes ready to gift and might just need a pretty bow. I love all of the details in good packaging and Chloe + Isabel are definitely doing it right!


Get to know our party host! 

Lori Miller is a momma of 2 who’s one of the most incredible people I’ve met through my blog. She’s always willing to give support, an ear to listen, or even just a boost of confidence when I need it most! Follow her page here to keep up with her amazing journey with Chloe + Isabel!


Join us HERE to RSVP and get a chance to WIN!

Shop all of the Black Friday deals in Lori’s boutique at my party HERE!

chloe and isabel wish list

Stay tuned and keep up with us all day tomorrow for games, sales, videos, and MORE chances to WIN!!

Happy shopping everyone!!

kisses THH

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