The Sweetest Cheeks You Ever Did See! Neat Cheeks Review

Hey guys!

I came across one of the most AMAZING items that now travels in my bag with the boys and I everywhere!

Have you heard of Neat Cheeks?!

neat cheeks 2

Let me give you a little insight into our “Wipies Experience!”…

I wipe both of my children’s hands and faces probably close to 15 times a day, or more, EACH. I am always using the same Huggies brand wipes that I use for their bums, for their faces, and recently switched over to a different “scent” from Huggies that would hopefully get a better reaction out of them when I swipe their faces. Nope. Didn’t help. They all smell so “chemically” but, I hadn’t found any wipes yet that were natural, smelled nice, and affordable! Until I came across, dun dun dun DUN….NEAT CHEEKS! Yay! Not only do Neat Cheeks wipes smell incredible but, they taste delish! Have you ever put your fingers in your mouth or licked your lips after wiping up with a regular wipe?! GROSS! The taste is terrible and you can’t get it out of your mouth! The Neat Cheeks wipes are flavored with Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, which actually adds moisture to the skin as well! These wipes have SO MANY ingredients that add and retain the moisture in your little one’s skin, including Aloe and Honeysuckle! I just want to keep them all for myself!

What could make them ANY better, you ask?!

Well, they also contain Citric Acid which optimizes the pH of a formulation and refines and renews the skin’s texture! Amazing right?! These deliciously tasting, incredible smelling, gentle wipes are great for sensitive skin and even with it’s amazing taste, are NOT sticky! So, lose those sticky, dry cheeks and grab a pack of Neat Cheeks for yourself to see what I’m talking about! You won’t regret it! We love our Neat Cheeks and my Mommy Bag would be lost without them!


BONUS* (…You know I always come with a BONUS!)

Use Code: SweetDeal for 5% off && FREE SHIPPING from Neat Cheeks!

Ta ta!

kisses THH

*All opinions are those of my own.

*Other Monogram bag (Mimi’s Monograms AL) items are: Goody Goody Grapefruit Hand Sanitizer from Kostmatology & Lip Balm from Lynnburg Lane

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