10 Gift Exchange Gifts! GIVEAWAY!!!!

Gift Exchange
Uhh, DELISH! Pair this with the next two items in this guide to make the PERFECT coffee kit for your favorite caffeine lovin’ recipient!
I love all of the items from Jessica N Designs but, I have fallen in love with the new “Filthy Animal” set!
Need I say more? This mug pairs perfectly with the hand stamped spoon above!
These cutting boards from A Heirloom are incredible! The craftsmanship and quality  of these cutting boards are perfection! They’re sure to be the most passed around gift at your White Elephant exchange!
This choice probably needs no explanation! How awesome is this scrabble board? It hangs on your wall and is ready for gaming at any time!
Such a classic. This Instant Cocktail Party Kit comes with all the necessities!
These babies are great for travel! Pick up a set of these for your work Christmas gift exchange and any traveler that opens it is sure to have the moist luxurious skin after using on their trip!
Use code: happeninghousewife15 for 15% off any Little Gift Set or Sample Size Orders this Holiday season from Lynnburg Lane!
Yummm! Who wouldn’t want the scent of a delicious Mulberry candle burning in their home?! Grab one of these natural soy milk candles from Candelles!
Yes, yes, yes! I could probably do an entire gift guide from Jessica N Designs because I love this shop so much! If this was a gift chosen at my family’s White Elephant, I’d run out the front door and never come back! I would NOT want this one stolen from me. What a perfect gift for serving your family on Christmas morning!
TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Target Gift Cards are always welcome!
Get your hands on this Re-Gifted Coffee from Paramount Coffee Co. by entering the giveaway below!
 happy holidays

3 thoughts on “10 Gift Exchange Gifts! GIVEAWAY!!!!

  1. Its very R-rated but my brother in law brought a gag mask to the family white elephant exchange. He picked it up in the airport in Germany. You’d have to know his sense of humor to appreciate the gesture!


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