Do You Younique?!

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Alright, I have to be honest. Before actually getting my hands on this product, I was a little skeptical. My lashes are almost non existent, really, like the legs of a centipede versus the gorgeous spider length legs of my hubby’s lashes. They’re barely there. I watched a TON of videos before getting this amazing, lash lengthening, loveliness in my mailbox.  None of them quite got a close up look at the Fibers part of this duo. I didn’t realize that there are ACTUALLY these tiny, incredible fibers that lay on/within your lashes to add length and volume. So, before I go further, here’s a close up!

fibers 2

Richele, a merchandiser for Younique, contacted me a couple months ago to see if I’d like to give Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara a try and I am SO incredibly thankful to her for asking! She has me hooked! I had no idea what I was getting myself into and how much I could love a mascara!


From what I’ve seen, there are two ways to apply the product. The first is what is recommended by Younique: Apply a coat of your regular, daily mascara. Then, add your Transplanting Gel. After your Gel, add a sweep of your Natural Fibers. Last, apply anther quick coat of your Transplanting Gel to seal the fibers! The other application is to skip your traditional colored mascara and go straight for the Transplanting Gel! I personally like to add my colored mascara beforehand to add extra depth to my lashes!

20141210_123551   20141210_123151

I have read a handful of reviews that say they needed to practice a few times to finally get a great application but, I haven’t had any trouble from the start! My first application went on as smooth as butter!

A couple things I recommend when applying:

*Make sure to apply from base to tip of your lashes.

*I prefer to only add the fibers to the top part of my lashes’ tips, not underneath.

*Using an eyelash comb will help keep your lashes from looking clumpy.

*Make sure to apply above the lash and then “bump” them back up from underneath with the Transplanting Gel, for an extra boost to your lashes’ curl.


If you’re contemplating spending the cash, question it no more. It is amazing and will definitely be a staple in my beauty routine until the end of time.

Want to order now?! Visit Richele’s personal Younique Boutique to get your hands on this must have beauty product! Must I add, it is the PERFECT stocking stuffer!

WANT TO WIN A 3D Lash Set from Richele?!?! 

Follow her on Instagram HERE and comment on her post what your favorite Christmas present has ever been and why, for a chance to win!!

Look at these Lash Dolls and their gorgeous lashes!


Ooh, and Isn’t the Younique Model to the far right absolutely gorgeous?! I just had to give a shout out to the amazing Miss Britnie, who has taken Younique to another Level and is now on the FIRST EVER Younique Billboard!

happy holidays

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