The Avengers Assemble & Unite with The Justice League to PARTY!!

This weekend, we gathered up all of the Super guys from The Avengers and The Justice League to celebrate Colin turning three and, more importantly, us making it three years as parents!!!

We even had a surprise visit from Captain America and Superman!




  DSC00495  DSC00497  DSC00499






I bought a pack of balloon sticks, printed some villains to glue onto them, hung a city on the fence, and let the kids go at the bad guys with silly string!

DSC00545 DSC00546 DSC00547

  DSC00569 DSC00573

Our Bat Cave and Gotham City back drop was super easy and fun for even me and my bestie. 🙂 I think we have more pictures in it alone than with the kids!

The backdrop was made from a roll of black poster paper from Hobby Lobby and the windows were cut from white vinyl and stuck on! I always made the bat signal in white and stuck it onto the wall for an extra little touch!


This awesome stand that Captain America is standing on is actually just Christmas Cookie tins from Hobby Lobby! I stacked them all together, took the lid off of the top tin, shoved some krinkle paper in andlet Captain stand watch over the cake during the party! Our cupcake stand is also from Hobby Lobby and is a gift wrapping box turned upside down!

 DSC00598 DSC00600

Every year I purchase a plain white cake from Publix to save myself the hassle of baking. I love decorating but, hate all the time and hard work that goes into baking a layered cake so, Publix always comes to my rescue! I usually do some cool fondant work on our cakes but, this year I just went simple and stuck with piping the shield on top and laying a star in the center to finish it off. The best part? I was decorating this cake 20 minutes before letting Colin blow out his candles. Yep! Totally forgot about it until half of our party guests were gone and we were about to serve this fluffy vanilla sweetness.

DSC00704 DSC00717

Just to clarify, I was Cat Woman, not a Kitty Cat Princess! 🙂


This gorgeous tassel garland was made by Project Paper and it was the PERFECT addition to our Hulk Smash table! The Hulk balloon faces were made with vinyl as well!

DSC00738   DSC00741hulk smash edit


Hubby bought some purple and green ice cream cones and I let the kids use their BEST Hulk SMASH to crush them!

I pictured this game going a little differently in my head during planning! I tried giving them games that I thought required little effort and lots of fun…which really means, anything that would destroy the house I just spent all week cleaning! However, the older kids seemed more into this game and it didn’t last very long but, sure left a nice little mess for me to clean up!



The aftermath.


The cool thing with The Hulk SMASH was that I made these awesome felt masks for them to wear during play! I intended on sending all of the kids home with a mask but, I think only one of our guests actually took one! Sorry about that guys! 🙂

DSC00762  DSC00774DSC00768



DSC00788 DSC00784



DSC00842  DSC00844




 DSC00872 DSC00873 DSC00877

  We hope you enjoyed a peak into our party! We had such a SUPER time and are SUPER thankful for everyone who came to play!

happy holidays

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