Give That Skin A Refresh Before Your BIG DAY! With Kosmatology

If you follow my blog, you know by now that I LOVE all natural, chemical-free products, especially for my skin. A few months ago I came across Kosmatology, a line developed by a momma on the search for something healthier for her family. Do you want to know what I loved MOST about this momma? Not only did she make products for herself and her little ones but, she designed an entire line JUST for her hubby. How wonderful is that?!

Our household has been using this line for a little over a month now and I wanted to make sure to get the real feeling and knowledge on the products we’ve been using.

Since my favorite thing about Kosmatology is the Mens’ specific line, I must start there.

WOD AID caters to those buffy hubbies we have, who love a good workout. As much as we love those super cut washboard mid-sections and Popeye shaped arms, it comes with a price…rough, callused hands. They peel, bleed, chap, and let’s face it, there no fun rubbing against our hands. The WOD AID line has worked wonders for hubs AND he enjoys using the products! They’re affordable and small enough to fit in his bag or pocket without all of his buddies knowing he’s still pampering his skin! Last week, he pulled a muscle in his back and has been using the Pain Stick to find relief! Ladies, grab a couple of these for your guy, they’ll thank you!

wod aid

Okay, okay before I completely expose all of his secrets, I’ll move onto my next favorite products from Kosmatology!

We’ve been using the Free and Clear all natural, non-scented body wash for our little ones over the past few weeks and it has been one of my favorite products ever! I love the texture and it’s thickness. I have trouble finding great skin care for the boys without sacrificing a good consistency that’s not as thin as water! I want my babies to smell like themselves, like babies, so the non-scented route is totally up my alley! It’s been a little over a month and we STILL have about 1/3 of the bottle left…for TWO kids who get their fair share of baths a day!

free and clear wash

I can’t post this one without touching on the THH Wedding Series and I think the facial care is a perfect point for that!

kosma face

It can be hard to find skin care without any chemicals but, Janis, Dr. of Pharmacy and owner or Kosmatology, has created a skin care line specific to acne prone, oily, and even aging skin. Grab a set of facial wash and moisturizer from this line and you’re sure to have fab skin for your big day in that beautiful white dress!

Find Kosmatology’s Hand Sanitizer in my 2015 Mommy Bag Must Have’s article in the Jan./Feb. issue of The Mom’s Magazine!

mommy bag

Kosmatology  Also featured on Martha Stewart American Made as a 2014 Finalist.

kisses THH

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