DIY DJ: Pre-Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Playlist

While looking into DJ’s for our big day, James and I sat down and talked about what exactly a DJ offers to a wedding and whether or not we could get by without one.

Things to remember:

A DJ guides your entire wedding/reception- They announce your bridal party, cake cutting, traditional dances, and more. If you’re deciding to go without one, you may have to fore-go some of those traditional announcements, or have a friend announce between those big moments. If you choose the friend route, be prepared! Make a list of announcements and a simple schedule for them to view BEFORE your big day.

DJ’s usually come with lighting- Unless you’re okay with supplying your own lighting, being almost entirely in dark or light, or have a venue with dim lighting options, you may want to consider hiring one.

Sound systems: DJ’s come fully equipped with functioning, reliable sound systems that they are familiar with. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing an entire mixing table, with huge speakers to learn how to DJ on your wedding day in a few weeks…Disaster waiting to happen.

Not only does a DJ guide your entire reception and possibly your ceremony but, they’ve done this before, probably for years and years now so, just remember, if you are deciding to be your own DJ, things may not go as smoothly as if you had hired an expert so, be prepared for kinks…but, hey! That’s what makes it memorable right?!

We are having a super fab band play at our wedding anyway but, what’s a wedding without the obnoxious loud party music right? This was a tough decision for us.

We almost laid down a deposit on a DJ a few days ago but, after getting the okay from the band for them to announce instead, we talked once more about the benefits of a DJ. Don’t get me wrong, for some weddings, a DJ is a must have but, it just wasn’t really in our budget and after talking about our vision, neither of us really wanted uplighting, the stress of making sure all of our favorite songs are played, and the risk you take when not having been able to see their performance until your big day…and by then it could be too late. Some DJ’s are AMAZING and are totally worth the couple hundred or thousand dollars but, I have been to weddings that the DJ forgets the playlist, accidentally double books, runs behind, gets names wrong, or even worse- doesn’t give the Bride and Groom their requested special moments. Again, I KNOW a ton of DJ’s are not in that category but, the risks are there. I’m a control freak and would probably create a backup playlist on my Spotify regardless of who was DJing but, after a night of little sleep and visions of disco balls and strobe lights, we came to a final decision. We woke up, cancelled that appointment, and decided to make our own playlists. This way, we will be in total control of what is played and when. Thankfully, our band is incredible and have offered to let us use their sound system once they cut off the guitars and party with us so, we will be saving on sound equipment too but, if you’re a bride looking for 1/10th of the price on music and entertainment, I have researched for all of you and seen great reviews on this bad boy: Grab one of these speakers from Amazon.

Don’t forget the microphone and stand that is compatible as well!

To save you the time, this is an awesome playlist for your pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, and/or dinner.

Have a Spotify?

Create your playlist there and don’t forget to go in your settings and set your crossfade to at least a 12 and turn your gapless playback on! Noone likes an uncomfortable, awkward gap in between songs! 🙂

diy dj pin

Happy Wedding planning!

Stay tuned for more DIY DJ playlists!

kisses THH

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