GENIUS Easter Egg Fillers


Every year I struggle with Easter. From how much candy to actually let my child consume from his basket, to what I stuff into those cheap, plastic, flimsy little eggs!

Normally, the end result is stuffing peeps into the eggs 10 minutes before our wake-up call. This year, I am making a stand against my Easter procrastinating self and stuffing our eggs with uber goodness…TWO weeks early!

While strolling the aisles of Target last week, I started thinking about filling our Easter eggs with something productive, something fun and useful, instead of just candy. For a little pal’s birthday party last year, I was pleasantly surprised by a fellow momma who requested play dough for her guy’s birthday gift. I thought play dough was a no-go gift from one mom to another, trying to keep a tidy house with clean carpets but, that request gave me the go-ahead for the choosing of these mini play dough packets for our Friends and Family Easter Egg Hunt!

There is a pack of 6 (glitter) play dough packets in the Easter aisle of Target for $4.99. I knew that was a little costly and for the amount of eggs I needed to fill, that wasn’t going to work. I headed over to the toy section and Voila! I found myself a pack of 15 mini play dough packs for the same $4.99! Yep, you’re mine…into the cart you go!IMG_2736

The play dough packs don’t fit into the small, regular sized eggs but, Target does sell sets of the larger eggs for $5.00!

Now, as much as I’d love to be totally nontraditional and not give any bit of chocolate in our eggs, I couldn’t resist these perfect little carrot shaped chocolates for $1!


We are in the Florida heat ALREADY this year and those chocolate carrots won’t stay easy to eat for long. Within the time that all of the kiddies find their eggs, unwrap, and devour, they will not be the shape of carrots anymore and I have a clear vision of the chocolaty mess that we will be dealing with. SO, I grabbed some of my FAVORITE little face wipes (NEAT CHEEKS of course!) and stuffed some single packets into half of the eggs! …Your welcome mommas! IMG_2722

We are doing a golden egg this year, and I haven’t quite decided what to fill it with but, I’ll update you all on that when the decision is made! Dun dun dunnnn…


Let me know what you think of adding face wipes into our Easter eggs!

Want to pick some Neat Cheeks up for yourself?

Find them here!

Need more Ideas?!?!




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