DIY Pirate Ships in a Bottle


We couldn’t continue our Pirate Week without a “Shrunken” Ship in a Bottle craft!


A Sticker sheet that includes a Pirate Ship



Small Pirate Trinkets

(We found a cool, miniature telescope and pirate skeleton in the bead department at Hobby Lobby)

Small Shells

Super Glue


Coll Shaped Bottle (Hobby Lobby in the Sand Art and Candle Making aisle)


First, use your tweezers to carefully place your Pirate Ship sticker along the inside of your bottle!IMG_4363

Then, add all of your pirate trinkets into the bottle! This was the best part because it became play time as we pretended to be pirates with all of our trinkets!

Colin found this AWESOME telescope that opened and closed and had a glass lens! You could also add in small coins and rhinestones as jewels!

 IMG_4372 IMG_4386 IMG_4413 IMG_4387 IMG_4403

Once you’re done filling your bottle, add a dab of Super Glue into the neck of your bottle and push the cork down into the bottle!

Tie a ribbon around your bottle neck to finish it off! We added this cool pirate skeleton that we found in our local Hobby Lobby’s bead aisle!





Another fun way to do this project is to use a plastic pirate ship sticker that won’t fade or bleed and fill the bottle with water!

We did a version of each to make our Pirate day more fun!




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