End of the Year Summer Goody Bags for Under $25!


Are you a last minute momma like me, who tries SO hard to prepare ahead of time mentally but, when it comes down to it, you’re doing things the day or night before?!

If so, you’re probably scrounging, or will be within the next 48 hours, to throw together some end of the year treats or goodies to send with your little ones to school!

This past Friday I was in a pinch with about an hr to spare before I had to pick little man up from school. I thought surely Micheal’s would have something affordable for 13 small children, or even Target. I sprinted through each store and left empty handed! I didn’t know exactly how many boys and how many girls were in his class and Target had mostly gender specific items like Doc, Frozen, Ninja Turtles, and Cars. Thankfully, there’s a dollar store in the same plaza as Micheal’s so I popped in there and ended up gathering enough things for these perfect little art kits for UNDER $25!!

What’s in them?

Watercolor Art Sets $1 each

Jumbo Chalk Crayons $1 for a 20 pack

Mini Playdoughs 4/$1

Small Clear Goody Bags 18/$1

Ribbon $1

Handmade Apple Note Cards by Colly and I

I already had the note cards predrawn and brought them along for the ride. Pulling into the school parking lot with EXACTLY 30 minutes to spare, I put these little puppies together and must say, with the help of a fellow momma, completed them right on time!

**Also great for a Painting or Tangled Party, small Birthday gifts to send to school, and Valentine’s!

Happy Summer!!!


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