Peach State Adventure Weekend

It’s BIRTHDAY week for this Mommy Blogger!

This year we planned for months on being out of town for the weekend of my 26th but, the location was TBD for quite some time there.

Coming up closer to the weekend and with recent events in our lives, I desperately just NEEDED, CRAVED, and wanted more than anything to be around my long-time best friends who, all but a couple, live beyond our glorious Sunshine State. It’s just incredible the difference in “here for nows” and “here forevers.” I see these beautiful souls maybe once or twice a year but, my time with them is always enjoyable, easy, pure, and full of love. Maybe I’m being a little sentimental but, sometimes I just really need to be around my girlfriends who have known me the longest. They know my flaws, quirks, pain in the freakin’ ass personality, ridiculous shopping habits, light weight status, and emotionally unstable, overly sentimental character AND they still treat me like I’m a normal human being…WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! No, never mind…don’t think too hard about this…I DESPERATELY need you in my life so, you can’t go anywhere now. You’re far past too late to turn back.

Which brings me to…The decision. YES, the decision to ditch the southern most point and head up a few hours north to spend a kid-free weekend being chauffeured by my hubby whilst sipping mimosas and packing on the pounds with my long lost besties!

Take a peak at our adventures  and steal seom for your personal GA bucket list!:)


Tondee’s Tavern in Savannah, GA.

Our first stop and they even give out FREE cheesecake for your birthday from Cheesecake Market (SUPER popular & delicious in Savannah).



We pit stopped at the Tanger Outlets in Atlanta.

THEN, on to an Atlanta Braves game! (Buy tickets in advance for CHEAP with Groupon and Living Social)

Oh, and BONUS…we saw USHER. 🙂

Silly…not THE Usher, although I do hear from one of my besties who has LIVING PROOF, that the Hip Hop Mogul frequents some local restaurants.

Which brings me to @peachyscoop on Twitter. Visiting ATL and have some free time for celeb hunting? @peachyscoop has the low down on all things celebs in this newly dedicated “Hollywood of the South.” (Thanks Kel <3)


Not the real USHER..but, close!




Day Two:

Talulah Gorge Falls.


Approx. 90 minutes out of Atlanta is an irresistible State Park that, if you’re visiting, you must make time for. There are plenty of trails to choose from and the path we chose took less than two hours with stops for taking in the scenery. You won’t regret this addition to your trip! Just make sure to pack proper shoes and attire!







Sweet Water Brewery with two of my girls!

Ready to hydrate after our hike, we headed to a local brewery for a few cold ones!

For $10, we got enough beer to get us and some strangers tipsy enough to “Whip It and Nae Nae!”



Some stranger…and his pet human.


The yellow flowered weeds were too pretty to pass up before hopping in the car and jamming out to the perfect 90’s playlist.


Ending the night at Stone Mountain’s Laser Show on the mountain, a glass of champagne, birthday cake, and a slumber party with three of my favorite people. ❤


Day Three:

Georgia Aquarium




But. momma…he did it!

We did the auarium with this little love bird and her family which we love so dearly!



In town and want somewhere “local”, chill, and affordable?

Six Feet Under looks over the city and was FANTASTIC!

If that wasn’t enough…we finished our final night sipping Lemonade flavored somethings at Atlantic Station with one of my best girlfriends.

If you love outdoor shopping centers, brunch or dinner on a patio, and watching Lambo’s pull into parking lots for take-out…this is the place for you…and me. 🙂


Here’s to our last night in my favorite city and making memories with the ones we love. ❤


Comment on this post what your favorite things to do are and places to see while visiting the Peach state!


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