Brothers’ Superman 10 Minute Photo Shoot

As we’re rearranging our home to make room for a home schooling room, we’ve decided that it’s time our little guys share a space together! They’re brothers and still at a age that sharing a room is FUN! I knew our superhero inspired big boy bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a handful of Superman inspired pics to blow up on their wall.

This little sesh took less than 10 minutes. I tossed some Super undies on them, let them jump and play on our bed, hung a tie on little Keke, and handed my good ole’ Clark Kent frames over. It was fun for them and i accomplished just what I needed to!

Want to do a quick DIY photo sesh too?

Here’s a few tips to make it successful:

PROPS. When using props, make sure they’re fun and easy for your little one’s to hold or use! Yes, I know…that adorable hat really seems like the cherry on top of your perfect child’s head but, if your kid is like mine and hates hats, try something more intriguing for them and save your time by playing with other fun props rather than fighting over that head accessory!

LIGHT. Although I did not use natural light for these photos (a set of umbrellas from Amazon is what gave us great lighting here), make sure to plan your photo session around adequate light! Editing can only do so much and natural light is best! Open all of your drapes and doors to let in as much natural light as possible!

POSING. The less “posey”. the better, in my opinion. Just let your little ones HAVE FUN and snap as many photos as you can catch! You may end up with more than a handful of bad ones but, it’s all worth it for that one perfect pic!

keke1 keke col keke 4 keke keke3

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