Childhood Cancer Foundation Gala Date Night | Bliss Tulle Details

Last night my family and I attended the Childhood Cancer Foundation’s Annual Gala in Daytona Beach, FL. This was our second year sponsoring a table (Mom’s company, Esquire Title Services) and it was just as fabulous this year as the last and I’m sure, all of the years to come. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to spend an evening with such an amazing crowd willing to give back to an incredible foundation. As a couple, we love this event and encourage anyone who has the chance to attend, to accept. It’s one of the greatest date nights we have every year. As parents, we love this event because it touches our souls to know that we can help other parents struggling to keep lights on in their homes, food on the table for themselves and their children, and fund treatment…because, they are holding onto nothing to ensure the health and recovery of their child even if it means depending on others to feed them so they can pay for the next round of treatment.

If you are considering donations to a charitable cause this month, this local charity is a fantastic choice. Visit their site HERE and head over to their Facebook page HERE. Are you local to the Central Florida area? Stay up to date on the many events Childhood Cancer Foundation Inc. sponsors and hosts annually!

Photos for the evening were provided by Sheree of Blankies & Binkies Family Photography

About the photographer: 

“I started a venture in photography a little over a year ago. I decided to take a year off from teaching to be a mom and thought photography would be a nice way to earn extra income and keep busy. (I have been a teacher for 11 years, teaching k-3 and I teach at the college level as well.) I decided to do free photography for families battling cancer and other serious illnesses. My first client with cancer was a young mother named Nicole. I brought in a make up artist to make her feel lovely. We had such a great day. Unfortunately, Nicole only lived for about a month after our session. Since then, I have done sessions for Breast Cancer survivors, people with different forms of Cancer, and five children with Cancer. I also take family photos for children staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando. Family photography has become a passion of mine. I love working with children and feel really confident that I make them comfortable during sessions. I hope to get better and better with every session!”


Like Sheree on Facebook or visit her website HERE

Outfit details:

Druzzy Bracelet & Necklace: Wrenn Jewelry

Tulle Skirt: THE KAT in Blush by Bliss Tulle

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