Wedding Dress Details

Wondering all the deets on my Wedding day attire?

Here’s the scoop on the where all of the pieces are from!

One of the things I loved most about my dress was that it was TWO, yes, TWO pieces. It was two dresses in one and it didn’t take six hands to get me in or out of it! It was incredibly comfortable, light weight, and affordable. By the end of the night, once it was ready for the “after party” I dropped the skirt to my dress and hung out in a cocktail dress the rest of the night which made it much easier to dance and play with my best girlfriends and new hubby!

Something I have to share, is that the tulle skirt of the dress was a custom, handmade piece by my grandmother. It is an original piece, not created from a pattern so, as much as I’d love to share the entire design with you, I can’t but, I can tell you that if you are looking for a DIY, two piece, tulle dress with a similar design, you’re in luck! There are a ton of videos on YouTube to get you started. I would recommend practicing with a bit of tulle first and then starting on the real thing once you get the hang of it! It can be done and it is very affordable!

From top to bottom:

Headband- Acute Designs


Neck Jewels- Chloe & Isabel by Lori Miller


Earrings- Chloe & Isabel by Lori Miller


Lace dress- Urban Outfitters


Bow Sash Belt- David’s Bridal


Tulle Skirt- Handmade

Barefoot Sandals- DIY


01480143   0176  0380 0580


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