Wedding Photos Part 1 & Update on What’s Changed With Married Life

We’re a little over 6 months post wed & to tell you the truth, not much has changed! Take out the pressure of having two kiddos and only having a single ring on your finger with questions of, “When’s the big day?!” every time you turn the corner, and I’d say almost everything is the same, in a good way!

What HAS changed?

Well, when hubs forgets his ring after a workout on our way to dinner, I sometimes feel like I get some pretty lovely, “Why are you out to dinner with a single man when you have a rock and band on your finger little lady?” looks.

But, otherwise, I’d say all is joyous! It’s fantastic! We purchased a new car for momma, and I don’t feel the least bit awkward possibly getting pulled over while driving a man’s car who doesn’t have the same last name as me. I always wonder, what do I say? “This is my baby daddy’s ride?” “This is my husband’s car-No, wait, he’s not my husband…yet…when is that happening again?” or, “This is my fiance’s who is also the father of my two screaming children in the back seat?” That social anxiety frenzy is over which, is super awesome!

Also, it’s much more fun now that I’m in transition of changing my name! Thanks to my parents, I had a hyphenated last name for my entire existence up until…soon. So, that will be an easy adjustment. The only confusion now that we’re married is all of those, “Family Established” signs. Which year do I put now? The year our first little bear was born? The year we were married? The year we found out we were expecting little bear #1? What do I choose?

Oh! And, I’m ecstatic to carry all of my monogrammed goodness now. Yes, I know what some of you are thinking, “but, your monogram didn’t change- It’s still ‘W’?” Yes, I know, I know…but, to now know that it is the same name as my husband and children is heartwarming.

We’re a true foursome now and I am so glad to have shared that moment with people whom we love and enjoy! So, here’s to what looks like secret rendezvous with your hubby who forgets his ring, your husband actually being your husband now, and new last names!

Check out part 1 of our wedding photos!

See some things you love?

Hand Stamped Flatwear- Jessica N Designs

Mr. & Mrs. Wooden Chair Hanging Signs- Apothecary Bee on Etsy

Bride & Bridesmaid Headbands- Acute Designs

Photography by: Nick Drake of Drake Photography

Check back for dress details in a later post!


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