DIY Felt Squares Craft

Now that we’re home schooling, we’ve upped our crafting game to incorporate more colors, numbers, sorting, matching, and alphabet development at home!

About a year ago, my hubby brought home a set of felt squares similar to these. One problem: there wasn’t a ton of educational value to them and they were more focused on sensory development for touching and feeling different fabrics and textures. So, I set out to find a set that I thought would be better for us but, was quickly reminded that the only way to really find a custom learning tool is to MAKE one! That’s when Little Man and I set out to find the perfect colors and textures for our new squares set!

He picked tons of colors and styles. We chose soft textures, hard textures, rough and itchy textures, and of course, some really furry ones too and in all different colors! We shopped until we dropped and once we got home to put little brother down for a nap, we got to work! 

I really wanted a set that could be used in a variety of ways. So, we did our squares double sided and mismatched the colors to also use them as a matching game! 


Felt in 8 different colors

Sewing machine or needle and thread

A handful of different textured fabrics  (vinyl, burlap, fur, fleece, leather, etc.)

Cotton stuffing

1. Cut Each color and fabric into 2- 4 inch x 4 inch squares.

 2. Pair your colors and squares up (We mismatched out colored felt pieces to make a sorting game.)

3. Sew your squares together. 

4. For the vinyl, zebra, and burlap, we stuffed a little cotton into each to make them less stiff and little man loved it because he they looked like mini pillows!

Game ideas:

Naming colors



Matching game

Textures (which are hard?, which are soft?)


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