FREE Star Wars Inspired Party Printables

This year for little man’s birthday, we let him decide on the theme. He’s finally at an age that we can ACTUALLY look forward to the fun-kid part of a party and not just cringe at the whole “parents watching kids stand around and force play until it’s appropriate to leave because this is just so awkward but, I really thought this was a good idea” thing. After debating on whether or not to attemp his STAR WARS, LEGO, Pirates, Super Hero mashup, we chose, once and for all: a LEGO meets STAR WARS mashup Party! 

I created these FREE printables to share with all of our readers and followers! Have fun decorating with these food labels and cupcake toppers! 

You’ll need some white heavy card stock, a printer, glue, and some candy or lollipop sticks! Head to the links to print. Cut all of the items out with scissors, a puncher, or a slicer. For the cupcake toppers, we backed them with a black piece of heavy card stock and hot glued a lollipop stick into the middle!


Star Wars printables Pt.1

Star Wars printables Pt.2


Star Wars printables Pt. 3

Check back later this week for some fun JEDI and Darth Vader signs, straw banners, and bottle labels!


All printables belong to © The Happening Housewife Blog. They were hand created and are available for your personal use. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold. If you would like to share these on your personal blog, please ONLY do so if you link back to and email with your post link.

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