Monster Slime Craft



  1. Pour your starch, one drop of food coloring, glitter glue, and glue into your Ziploc (in that order).
  2. Shake, shake, shake your bag!
  3. As you’re shaking your bag, mush the glue to separate while bag is still zipped.
  4. Open your bag, pull the slime out, leaving excess liquid behind, and start molding, twisting, and mushing it together. It will be super gooey and slimy but, the more you mush and twist the two glues together, it will form into a not-so-sticky and slimy, slime! This could take a few minutes so, don’t get discouraged and DON’T wash your hands with water! As your slime starts to form, it will collect all of the goo from your hands! Adding water will double this process time because of the extra moisture on your hands!
  5. Once your slime has formed, add your eyes, pom poms, extra glitter, more food coloring, and anything else you think will make your monster slime more fun!
  6. Store in a Ziploc bag or airtight container.

This craft is great for sensory development! Let your child help you during each step for sensory tolerance, recognition of colors and like things, and learning with science.

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