5 Reasons Why We Love Mickey In Our Home


Does your little one cuddle with a mouse like this one?

We have about 12 Mickey’s, different sizes, in our home and for our little ones, 12 is still not enough. There are so many reasons to love this best pal but, these are our top 5:

  1. HE BRINGS HAPPINESS. Mickey brings so much joy to these little boys. Whether he’s on TV, one of our favorite apps, or just a cuddle time buddy, Mickey always brings a smile to their faces.
  2. THE SONGS. Although hearing them over and over and over again every day can drive a parent nuts, the songs are always a life saver. “Meeska Mooska” never fails!
  3. THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT. The one thing we love most about Mickey is that he is for all ages.The shows, toys, and parks encourage family time for people of any age and for us, that’s what’s most important!
  4. THE MAGIC. With this little mouse, always comes magic. The ears, the hat, the gloves, the voice…there is constantly a little twinkle in his eye. At the start of every Disney Junior movie, our little ones’ most enjoyed part is the waving of Mickey and Minnie at the top tower of the castle.
  5. IMAGINATION IS ALWAYS REQUIRED. Whether you’re having a picnic with mickey, or just sporting a pair of big mouse ears, Mickey always encourages imaginative play. With little ones, broadening their imagination is a daily lesson!

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