5 Shape Learning Games + Free Printable Set


Shape Recalling Popsicle Stick “Puppets”

Cut out the shapes around the bold line. Glue your shapes onto popsicle sticks and hold each behind your back while describing each shape one at a time. When your child guesses the correct shape, they get to hold the popsicle stick shape puppet!

Cutting Practice

Grab a pair of safety scissors and let your child practice their cutting skills by cutting on the dotted lines. *Parental supervision required.

Flash Cards

Laminate this set after cutting, and use them again and again as flash cards.

Matching Shapes

Print two sets of shapes, lay them across the floor and let your child match them together.



All printables belong to © The Happening Housewife Blog. They were hand created and are available for your personal use. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold. If you would like to share these on your personal blog, please ONLY do so if you link back to thehappeninghousewife.com and email thehappeninghousewife@gmail.com with your post link.

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