The Teal Pumpkin Project & 10 Alternative Ideas to Candy

It’s almost time to start picking out costumes, packaging goody bags, and decorating with spooky sights & creepy crawlies! But, for some little ones, this isn’t quite as rewarding. Did you know that nearly 6 million kids in the U.S. have food allergies? Most being young children who are affected by milk, eggs, and nuts. That means 6 million kiddies “Trick or Treating” this year won’t enjoy the treats tossed into their buckets! But, we can all do something to change that! Read more about the Teal Pumpkin Project HERE! Make sure to put a teal colored pumpkin out on your porch to welcome families with food allergies!

We are not a family grossly affected by food allergies but, I will say that we do notice a difference in little man’s behaviors as we keep gluten out of our diets and little to no sugar. In the most recent years, we haven’t had but a few handfuls of “trick or treaters” visit our home but, we always leave a pail out front for the kids around our block to pick from while we visit with friends and family. Rather than spending on sticky, icky, quickly melting candies, I handmade small hair bows for girls and dropped in some fun dollar store toys for boys and handmade pirate eye patches! They all seemed to really love it and it’s safer, more practical, and pretty close to the same cost, if not less. Does it take time out of my day for a few days? Yes! But, I feel so accomplished knowing that the parents down the street have one less piece of chocolate to examine at 10 at night as they battle their child over another piece of candy they don’t need before bed. This year, I encourage you to do the same! Think out of the box, get creative! Need some ideas? Here’s a list of 10 non-candy trick or treat goodies:

Halloween pencils (available at most dollar stores)

Spider rings

Play dough (available in party packs at Target)

Sidewalk chalk (get a large bucket of sidewalk chalk, some cellophane goodie bags, and tie each Baggie up with a piece of sidewalk chalk!)

Glow sticks (available at michaels and dollars stores for 15/$1)


Bead activities & Legos (toss a couple into goodie bags, tie them up, and add a fun note!)

Set up a crafts table on your driveway for families to have a stop to rest and hydrate! (Light up glitter bottles and monster slime are two great choices!)

Fruit pouches

Monsters Spray (use these printables to print stickers to DIY Monster Spray!)
Check out our Teal Pumpkin Painting!

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