Star Wars Themed Party

Last weekend, we celebrated our incredibly accomplished fourth year of little man’s life with”THE BEST STAR WARS PARTY EVER!” His own words, of course. 

Usually, when it comes to the cake and food, I go all out but, this year we kept it simple with Hutt Dogs, and cupcakes with a few light and easy snacks on the side. 

For decorations, I always start looking, planning a theme, And picking up supplies three or four months early. I know,it sounds crazy but, with our hectic schedule, I know there will be no chance of completing all of the shopling within the two weeks before a party. Not to mention, it helps onthebudget to spread the party budget across a few months time instead of all at once!

Now, I have to say, our little guy has been a LEGO and Star Wars fiend since before they released all of the awesome stuff into the stores, how? I still have no idea but, for a while there, I couldn’t find anything Star Wars related in the stores until right before Force Friday and thankfully, that hit right as my party prep started so, we were in luck!

Find the list of our favors and supplies below with a Star Wars giveaway bundle just for my readers!
My favorite piece of the party was the tedious DIY LEGO sign that I perfectly constructed, which I’m  still not sure that will be deconstructed, ever, if I have a say in it…Thankfully we have backup mats for play.

Pez dispensers- Walmart

Yoda, R2D2, Darth Vader Dark Side signs- Target

Light up mini light sabers- Target

Play light sabers- Target

Key chains- Target

R2D2 piggy bank- Target


Wooden Forks-Etsy


Storm trooper wrapping paper- Target


Check the Printables page on my blog for FREE Star Wars party printables!

Happy party planning!

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