AWESOME Kid Sneaks from George & Georgette!

Happy almost FriYAY !

We’re super excited to share one of our favorite new brands with you and they’re all about giving back WHILE rocking cool sneaks!

gng shoes 1.jpg

Back to school season has come and gone (all too fast I might add) but, a kid can NEVER have enough killer sneaks, right? How about a pair that allows your child to slip them onto the right feet without mom or dad’s help and also encourages lifting up others and giving back to the world?!

That’s right, a shoe bigger than the shoe itself! George & Georgette has branded their kid shoes in the most unique way we’ve ever seen! All the way down to the packaging, they’re thinking of our children’s future and how to shape our littles into kind, compassionate, and giving human beings.

shoeswithWM (1 of 1).jpg

Each sneaker in a pair designed by George & Georgette is slightly different, yet resembles the other. We LOVE the Catfish pair! They’re cool, comfy, and easy for Col to recognize which shoe goes on each foot! The left is a bit different from the right but, they live in the same color family and coordinate with the same theme! So cool right? They’re basically fraternal twins!

GNG 2.jpgSpeaking of twins, meet Daphne and Christelle!

daph and christ.jpg

Daphne and Christelle are twins, separated in their later years when Daphne and her husband moved from Brussels to New York!

“As kids, their mom would buy them the same shoes but, often in different colors and they would sometimes switch them to create an extra level of twinitude.”

shoeswithOutWM (1 of 3).jpg

In order to keep their twin connection alive from miles apart, they would create #twinning shoes: “shoes that are not identical but, complement each other. Shoes sometimes very similar, sometimes not..just like real life twins!”

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.28.41 PM

Daphne and Christelle knew that when opening their business, giving back would be a KEY ingredient to their plan! The WALK IN MY SHOES program was created to hire people in need and to encourage their customers to complete random acts of kindness all over the world!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.18.34 PM

“Our little shoe box has been designed as a tool and a symbol. It contains very original, visible shoes and claims to serve very original, invisible people – the homeless people. The goal here is to inspire, remind, and create opportunities for small actions. We hope to plant a seed in our customers’ minds so the next time they pass by someone in need, they think: “hey, what could I bring him/her next time…”. It’s our little contribution for a better world where homeless people are properly acknowledged.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.28.50 PM

Teach your kids kindness & awareness:

Use this shoe box as a lesson on helping others, making them aware of others in the world or your community who are less fortunate. It’s about modeling the empathy our society will be based on tomorrow. Why not have your kid draw something to put into the box? Cultivate respect and not ignorance. Don’t treat homeless people as if they were invisible, it’s not okay to stare but it is okay to say “Hello.” Let kids be kids and exercise their curiosity and empathy, they’ll surely find ways to “save” others and teach us adults something on their path!

A few steps to getting started on giving back with George & Georgette:

  • Open your box and put away your NEW beautiful shoes once they arrive (or just pop open the box and rock them till’ your heart’s content!)
  • Replace them with something useful (juice pouches, water bottles, snacks, loose change, old toys, socks, etc.)
  • Build up the handles of your box (SUPER easy!)
  • Take it on your next trip (To the store, bus stop, playground, etc.!)
  • Find someone in need (a family, homeless person, a crying friend, or a neighbor)
  • Make eye contact, say hello (Be careful if it’s a stranger! Always stick with your parents!)
  • Extend your arm & let it go (Share your box full of goodies!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.19.44 PM.png

Grab your pair from George & Georgette and follow them on Instagram & Facebook to see all the cool styles! (I can’t forget to add that they always have FREE SHIPPING! Who doesn’t love free shipping?!)
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*All opinions are my own and are not persuaded by the companies I work with financially or through product.



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