5 Things To Know Before Jedi Training at Walt Disney World

Being a mama of boys with Star Wars making a huge come back via Disney, Jedi Training was a must do on our list for Hollywood Studios during our recent visit!

Because all of the Star Wars attractions are so popular at the park, there are a few things you need to know when planning your day if your visit includes the uber epic Jedi Training.

  1. RESERVE. Make sure to reserve your spot ASAP! When entering the park, head towards the Indiana Jones Adventurers Outpost-most people arrive 45 minutes before the Hollywood Studios opens to get their spot. *We got lucky and stumbled upon an executive cast member when asking where to find Jedi Training sign up (around 11am) who radioed in our rsvp for us!
  2. AGE REQUIREMENT. This interactive show is only available for children ages 4-12. If your child is not comfortable leaving your side to be on a small stage or standing with other children on the side of a rope opposite you, this might not be for them!
  3. GET THEM ON STAGE. If your kid wants a one on one light saber fight with Darth Vader, encourage them to make sure they get on stage during the performance. All of the participants are separated into two lines, one line gets to the stage, the other is on the ground below. The only kids to take part in a one on one with the Father of the Dark Side, are the ones on stage during the show!
  4. HYDRATE. Thankfully the cast at Hollywood Studios does a great job at making sure each kid hydrates with their gifted bottle of water before the show. It gets REALLY hot standing in the sun before, during, and after the main event so, make sure to encourage your child to drink all of their water before heading towards the stage!
  5. PREP. The cast members running this attraction are required to ask each participant a series of questions without parent involvement before allowing your child to move on to getting their Jedi robe. They’re simple but, it’s worth the forewarning. The questions include: “How old are you?”, “Can you follow directions?”, “Are you okay being away from your parents?”, etc.


This was the highlight of our Hollywood Studios visit! If you don’t get a chance to reserve a spot in the Jedi Training Academy, check out these other awesome Star Wars attractions inside the park:

Have a magical day!

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