Last Minute Mom Costumes

I used to plan months in advance for Pinterest-worthy matching family costumes and as much as we all loved it, the price tag and struggles of DIY-ing each costume got the best of me. Now, it’s all about what can be thrown together from things we already have, which ends up being better fun, 5 times more cost effective, and makes the Halloween weekend (month) less stressful!

meow tag

kitty cat 1

kitty 5

kitty 6

This adorable Kitty Cat headband is from Target’s $1 section last year! Yay for Target!

Once you have your kitty cat ears, throw on a plain black tee, some black leggings, and pencil on your kitty nose and whiskers with a liquid liner pencil!

grecian goddess


This one was seriously SO easy! I pinned a white sheet I had laying in my linen closet over one shoulder and under the other arm, tossed on some of my fav white blingalicious earrings, and added this GORGEOUS gold headband that I am absolutely obsessed with from Acute Designs.

scarecrow tag



Yay! Alright, this one might be my fave.! I raided hubby’s closet for this baggy plaid top, slipped into some jeans, added moccasin boots, drew on a “stitched” mouth and nose, put on a wool hat from Target, and shoved some crinkle paper into a few pockets! Perfect, right?! Grab some silk flowers if you have any laying around for an extra touch! Easy Peasy!

Hope this helps if you’re having a last minute party dilemma!

Happy Halloween!

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