Nautical Baby Shower + Free Invite!

Ahoy maties! It’s a nautical baby shower!


As for any party we host, I always have our local Publix bakery prep a cake for us and purchase boxes of perfectly colored buttercream to match our party theme!

To get the perfect color, leave a color swatch from Lowe’s or a sample invite with your order and they’ll match any color you need whether you prefer to decorate at home or have them do the work!


We DIY-ed a super cute life-saving ring with styrofoam, ribbon, and navy striped nautical rope!

To send our new mama home with some nursery decor, we had everyone sign a paddle and cut our bunting banners in the same color scheme as baby’s room!


Drop cloths make the perfect neutral table covers and can easily be tossed in the wash for plenty more use!

Check out the matching invite below and download a FREE copy to use!


Download your free Nautical Baby Shower invite HERE!

Open in the latest version of Photoshop to edit!


All printables belong to © The Happening Housewife Blog. They were hand created and are available for your personal use. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

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