Nest Like a Pregnant Pro! + FREE Home Organization Labels!

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Thankfully, the nesting that typically comes over expecting mamas in their second trimester has finally graced my home after months of nausea and an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion! Since I’m now racing the clock to complete my list of “Things to Accomplish Before I Become a Milk-Producing Mombie,” I decided it was best that this time around I plan out each room and closet before tearing them apart and leaving a disaster in every square foot of our home at some point suddenly having to head out for the hospital!

I know how difficult it can be getting on and off the floor when you feel you’re at your fattest, most sluggish self. So, before you settle in on your bedroom floor and start dumping the dresser drawers and toy bins, scan over these 5 tips and take a deep breath. Or pin for later!

My goal this time around was to get rid of the most stuff as possible but, remember to keep the things we genuinely enjoy and need often. (Key word here: OFTEN.) My kids don’t need a ton of toys and yours don’t either. I promise. What’s the actual purpose of keeping that plastic elephant toy your kid never plays with? I know: For parents to find the coordinating balls under the sofa 24/7 covered in slime and cereal crumbs. #amiright?

If your kids don’t play with it, donate it.

If your husband doesn’t wear it, donate it.

If it has more stains than you can count, let it go.

If it’s the cause of unnecessary eye clutter, don’t even tell it “goodbye,” just get rid of it.

If you haven’t seen it but, also haven’t missed it in over a year, throw it out your front door immediately.

Because, you don’t need it. (…& if you haven’t needed it for this long, you sure as hell won’t need it when you have a baby attached to your hip at all times.)


When I started the nesting process last week, I decided that my biggest priority was our kitchen. It has the most unnecessary collected stuff of any room in our home and is least likely to get done after I have baby. From broken cookie cutters to plastic lids and containers that don’t fit each other, I knew there was a ton I could let go of pretty quickly here so I could move onto the next room!

I am totally in love with the bins we purchased to keep things organized! I did a ton of research on Pinterest and really stayed focused on the most efficient and realistic organizational tools for my family. Easy-to-remove lids, deep bins, and labels are what I feel fit our family best at this stage in life.


See my “Inside the Home” checklist here:


The list is pretty basic and can be used for most homes and nesting mamas! So, feel free to pin it for later or save the image to your phone!

To make sure things stay neat and tidy inside our home, I created adorable labels for my pantry and closets! Grab them for yours HERE!! (Use with a 2 inch circle punch and laminate for long-lasting results!)

Just like sympathy pains and nausea, my husband also get’s the nesting bug right alongside me! For that, I am thankful because I don’t have to complete this list myself since he’s always so determined get things done before I can even make him a list! But, if he did have one, this is what it would look like:

See my “Outside the Home” checklist here:

















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