Not Quite Narwhal | Paper Plate Craft!

Would you rather be a Sea Unicorn or a Land Narwhal?

Like Kelp in Not Quite Narwhal, the boys had some trouble deciding! So, we set out to make our very own Kelp masks to see if it would persuade their choice!

If you haven’t seen or read Not Quite Narwhal, you’re missing out on some super sweet fun! The illustrations are beautiful, the pages are shimmery, and this easy-to-read, short-story is intriguing for children of all ages!

not quite narwhal.jpg



peek inside.png

kelp 2kelp

To get started on your mask you’ll need:

Nqn supplies.png




  1. Cut the center out of your plate.
  2. Decorate with gems + glitter.
  3. Cut a tall, thin, rounded triangle out of card stock and attach to the top of your paper plate.
  4. Cut your laminate sheet in a circle, the same size as your paper plate.
  5. Flip your plate over and attach your laminate sheet circle to the back of your plate with adhesive squares.
  6. Attach your lollipop stick or dowel.
  7. Use your mask to pretend you’re a Sea Unicorn or a Land Narwhal!



Once we finished our masks, K had made his decision: He would rather be a Sea Unicorn than a Land Narwhal! So, once the Florida rain cleared away, we turned him into a Sea Unicorn with Crayola sidewalk chalk!


pin thisNWN Pin.png

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